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Tibetan Terrier | Dog Breed Information & Facts – Pictures

The Tibetan Terrier is a very beautiful and intelligent dog with a luxurious coat. In appearance, it resembles an Old English Sheepdog only in...

Saluki (Persian greyhound) | Dog Breed Information & Facts – Pictures

A graceful and harmoniously built dog does not run, but seems to float in the air. Saluki is sensitive, laconic and quick - a...

Japanese Chin | Dog Breed Information & Facts – Pictures

The Japanese Chin is a faithful companion and frien. Its remarkable features are grace in behavior and grace of movement. At home, the Japanese Chin...

Azawakh | Dog Breed Information & Facts – Pictures

Azawakh is a breed of greyhounds, originally from Africa. They have been used as a hunting and guard dog for centuries, as although they...

8 Breeds Of Water Dogs

Water dog breeds are a medium sized dog family, and they are distinguished by their woolly and / or curly coats, active demeanor, and...

10 Of The Rarest Dog Breeds You Need To Meet

Dogs and cats are man's best friends, but if the latter are on your mind and you can't call them service animals, then dogs...

The Smallest Cat Breeds In The World

Who can be cuter than a kitten? Sometimes you want to stop time so that the little fluffy miracle doesn't grow so fast. Indeed,...

Kinkalow Cat | Information & Cat Breed Facts

Again, the world was surprised by the new inhabitants. The ears are curved upright, the legs are short, the face is cute. This is...

Elf Cat | Information & Cat Breed Facts

This cat breed with the fabulous name of the Elf cat is not an invention. For a long time, an animal with an unusual...

Rarest And Unique Cat Breeds You Probably Don’t Know About

Do you want to have a cat that is not like everyone else's, but do not know which of the rarest and unique breeds...

American shorthair | Information & Cat Breed Facts

The American Shorthair cat is rightfully considered the purring symbol of the United States. It is difficult to resist this graceful beauty and her...

Peterbald Cat | Information & Cat Breed Facts

Peterbald is a hairless breed of graceful and elegant cats originally from St. Petersburg. Thanks to their friendly and docile nature, the Peterbald cats...
Cats Sleep – Features And Facts

Cat’s Sleep – Features And Facts

All cat owners know very well: these creatures are able to sleep for most of their lives, and while awake, they behave as if they are monstrously tired. One may get the impression that...
How To Understand A Dog

How To Understand A Dog?

A dog is not a human. He cannot walk on two legs, eat with a spoon and speak in human language. But just like you, he is able to feel, experience and express his...
Why Do Cats Throw Things On The Floor

Why Do Cats Throw Things On The Floor?

You've probably seen this behavior in countless videos on the Internet and in the example of your cats. If the cat is on a hill (on a table, on a closet or on a...
Research Shows Pets Positively Impact Mental Health

Research Shows Pets Positively Impact Mental Health

Pets help people cope with the stress of isolation and loneliness, according to a UK study. During quarantine and self-isolation measures, animals were an important source of emotional support for many people. The research team...
Study Cats Love To Sit Even In Imaginary Boxes

Study: Cats Love To Sit Even In Imaginary Boxes

Researchers at the City University of New York have set themselves the goal of finding out how domestic cats perceive this world. More precisely, the scientists were interested in a specific feature of the...
dog home alone

How Do Dogs Feel When You Leave Them Home Alone?

Leaving your dog home alone is a sad time for any owner. Sometimes, even if we only leave for a few hours, we can't stop thinking about him, what he will do or if...
Facts Dog Psychology

10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Dog Psychology

Over the past 10 years, we have learned more about dogs than in the previous century - but much of what scientists have known for a long time is still a secret for ordinary...
my cat is happy

10 Signs Your Cat Is Happy

The happiness of your cat is, along with a good state of health, one of the basic elements of its well-being. In addition, the fact that your cat is happy is also essential for...
Cats Love Their Owners

Do Cats Love Their Owners?

Popularly, it is believed that cats are completely independent animals and that they don't feel the same unconditional love that we have for them. This fact, without a doubt, generates a lot of discomfort...
Feline Personality Test

Study: Cats Reflect Their Masters’ Personalities

They say that pets are like their owners. The researchers decided to approach the issue scientifically and found a connection between the characters of cats and their owners. Cats are not at all as independent...
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