10 Signs You Are Crazy About Cats


Many people claim that living with a dog is a unique experience. Most people like dogs, and agree that having one at home is great. However, nothing compares to the experience of having one or more cats at home.

Despite being independent and somewhat self-centered animals, they are great companions. They have a knack for knowing what you need at the right time. It may be a comforting purr or simply accompany you in silence while resting on your lap, they always find a way to make you feel better. For this and more, you may consider yourself something like the crazy cat, and you are just proud of it.

1. You know there is an unwritten rule: if the cat is sleeping on your lap, you cannot move

Crazy About Cats

You can’t go to the bathroom, you can’t stand for water, you can’t do anything. Ah! and be careful with breathing too hard, you could make that ball of hairs that is comfortably settled in you uncomfortable.

2. The best thing about receiving a gift? Know that your cat has a new toy

Crazy About Cats

You can spend a lot of money buying the best items for your pet, but there is nothing that makes him happier than spending hours playing with a cardboard box.

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