10 Signs Your Cat Is Happy


The happiness of your cat is, along with a good state of health, one of the basic elements of its well-being. In addition, the fact that your cat is happy is also essential for your relationship and for a good coexistence at home, since the animal’s mood significantly affects its character and behavior.

How to know if my cat is happy?

Although he cannot communicate it to you in words, you can see if your cat is happy through his behavior and some external signs, for example:

  • One of the main signs of a happy cat is that he maintains his daily habits (grooming, playing, sleeping, drinking, etc.) and performs them normally.
  • Another sign is usually that it purrs, especially while petting it. Of course, keep in mind that he can also do it when he feels fear or pain, so, sometimes, you will have to look at other signs to make sure that his purr is due to well-being.
  • If he runs around the house or garden for no apparent reason, he is also showing his joy and vitality.
  • When your cat is happy, it is common for it to hold its head up and its tail erect in that direction as well, often with the tip slightly bent.
  • Another sign of happiness and that you feel confident is stretching your belly up and with your paws in the air.
  • If he communicates with you with long, high-pitched meows, it is usually because he is happy and wants to show you.
  • Your cat’s eyes can also give you many clues to her mood. If he squints when looking at you it is because he appreciates you and if his pupils dilate it means that he is very happy.
  • Their desire to play and the fact that they seem very focused during the game are other indications that the animal is happy.
  • A good appetite is also a sign of a happy cat. Although you should bear in mind that, if he does not want to eat, it is not necessarily because he is sad or sick, it may also be that he does not like his food. Remember that cats are usually demanding with their diet, so a quality, balanced and tasty diet like the one Ultima offers you is always a good choice.
  • Finally, the fact that she wants to cuddle and rub against you, unless she is a kitten and is in heat, is a good indication that your cat is happy and your relationship is going smoothly.

How to make your cat happy

One of the keys to your feline’s happiness is that it is in good health. For this, it is important that you do not neglect their veterinary check-ups, that their needs are covered and that they receive a good diet.

It is also essential that the kitten can perform his instinctive behaviors without hindrance. For this, in addition to needing time for him, he needs his space and some things, such as a litter tray that is kept clean, a feeder and a drinker in quiet areas and an area where he can rest without being disturbed.

On the other hand, receiving certain stimuli and being challenged will help you maintain your emotional balance and be a happy cat. Our recommendation is that you dedicate some time of the day to play with him and, on the other hand, provide him with toys, scratchers and areas where he can climb.

“How do I know if my cat is happy?” Well, as you can see, there are many indications of his happiness, you just have to know how to recognize them and pay attention to their behavior. If your cat is happy and satisfied, and receives a certain discipline, your relationship and coexistence will always be great.