Men hike 12 hours to rescue injured dog stuck in mountains

12 hour walk injured puppy backpack

Unfortunately, many animals are trapped in traps, sometimes many runs with good luck and can get out, but after that they have little hope for life.

This is the story of the rescue of Sandy, a puppy who after being freed from a trap, awaited a rescue that seemed like an impossible mission.

The puppy was in dire need of help, every minute counted

Sean McCormack

It all started in northern Taiwan, in Taroko National Park, where a woman took a photo of a puppy she had seen on a hike, but a few hours later injured her legs. two front legs after being trapped.

The woman later contacted Sean McCormack, a dog rescuer, to whom she explained the situation and asked for his quick help with Sandy.

McCormack never thought he would go on a hike to save the animal. It would be a great achievement, but they were ready to join forces as long as the poor little dog had a chance to live on.

Sean McCormack

That same day, McCormack contacted Ross Tweedie, co-owner of an adventure travel company called Taiwan Adventures, in charge of island tours.

When they met, Ross explained to Sean that it would be a 12-hour trek, 6 hours to go and 6 hours to return, as long as they were on a good pace, but warned him that it would not be. not easy.

It’s a brutal hike,” Tweedie told The Dodo. “It’s not for beginners, and Sean was in that category. He told me he had never done something like this before,” she added.

Sean McCormack

But despite the challenge of the tour, Sean was determined to save Sandy’s life.

Many times, they wanted to give up due to the difficulty of the road, but they were ready to do anything to save a life.

After 6 hours of strenuous walking, they reached the village where Sandy was in bad shape, and a little sheepish.

Sandy came up to me and put her head in my lap, and she came over like she was just looking for a hug, McCormack added.

Sean McCormack

After Sandy’s legs were bandaged, the men put him in a backpacking bag to carry home so he could receive much-needed emergency vet services.

The way back was calm and hopeful, since the worst was over, they saved Sandy and waited only to reach civilization and stabilize her health.

Sean McCormack

“She didn’t make a sound,” Tweedie said. “She didn’t bark, she didn’t complain, se didn’t even cry. She was one hell of an angel,” he said happily.

Upon arriving in town, McCormack took Sandy to a vet where her front legs were amputated. The dog must remain under observation at the veterinarian to heal properly.

Sean McCormack

It is hoped that Sandy will improve as soon as possible and that she can also use prosthetics to help her walk normally.

Leave it to Sean and Ross who were able to save the life of a creature that deserved a second chance.

Even though she lost her legs, she was able to start a new life surrounded by the love and protection she so badly needed.

Thanks to their solidarity, they were able to save the life of this noble dog who really wanted to change her destiny. We applaud the work of those who fight for the most vulnerable animals, who suffer helplessly trying to survive.

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