5 reasons why you will love a Chartreux cat


Chartreux cats have a unique look and a legendary reputation. When you choose this breed of cat, you will get an interesting animal that can provide you with years of close companionship. There are five good reasons why you will love a Chartreux cat.

1. Chartreux cats have interesting personalities

These incredible cats have a face shape that makes them smile. Chartreux cats don’t meow as often or in the same way as most other cats. They have a reputation for being silent, but still very communicative. The Chartreux cat is an intelligent creature with lightning-fast reflexes, which makes them particularly fun to watch. These cats have fun and playful personalities. They even have a sense of humor. If you keep your cat’s routine similar on a daily basis, you will almost certainly have an obedient and cheerful companion.

Chartreux cat
Chartreux cat

2. Chartreux cats are easy to groom

Their hairs are soft, magnificent and of medium length. Although the grooming needs of the Chartreux cat are considered to be moderate, they must be brushed daily to prevent the hairs from becoming knotted. This is especially important when the seasons change, as the coat can become thinner or thicker. A bath would generally not be necessary. If you decide to bathe your cat, remember that it may take a while to wet the water-resistant coat. It is important to brush and cut your nails every few weeks to keep your cat in top condition.

3. Chartreux cats have a rich history

There are many versions on the origins and history of Chartreux cats. The most accepted is that they come from Western Siberia, where they existed millennia ago. It is therefore a truly ancient breed rooted in history.

Another hypothesis says that this cat would be from the borders of Turkey and Iran.

Sharing their home with the monks of the French monastery Le Grand Chartreux, these felines are said to come from the selection of Russian blue cats in order to obtain felines that meow little, so as not to distract the monks in their prayers.

They also played a fundamental role in the monastery from which they take their name, the Chartreux defended the manuscripts and the supplies of mice which followed them, by keeping all the units of the temple free from these rodents.

Chartreux cat
Chartreux cat

4. Chartreux cats are friendly

These cats are very kind and loyal. They make great pets and can become attached to their human owners very quickly. Chartreux cats are sweet and often make a great addition to a family with children. They even have dog-like features that follow you around the house and sometimes play fetching. Many Chartreux cats will maintain their desire to play even after they have reached their advanced age.

Chartreux cat
Chartreux cat

5. The Chartreux cats are beautiful!

Chartreux cats are chic, elegant and have many exquisite features. Their eyes are large, round and turn slightly upward at the outer corners. These cats are muscular and tend to be a little larger than the typical domestic cat. The breeders’ favorite color is a beautiful shade of copper. Their blue-gray coloring, sometimes with a silver reflection on the edges, makes the Chartreux cat an exceptionally magnificent animal!

If you decide that a Chartreux cat is exactly what you are looking for, it is important to remember that males will normally grow larger than females and that both take three to four years to reach their maximum size. If you bring one home, you will be sure to have a wonderful companion as interesting as it is beautiful!

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