5 Signs Your Cat Is Bored


Pets, like humans, can get bored. And if in nature a pet can find a lot of entertainment, then in a cramped apartment he has no choice but to improve his mood in not entirely acceptable ways.

Signs Cat Bored

Begins to misbehave

Such deviations in behavior often cause only anger in the owner. Torn wallpaper and furniture, curtains and carpets with hooks, an overturned flower and earth scattered on the floor, a broken vase are signs of a pet’s usual boredom.

Street cats are constantly busy looking for food or a partner, and in the process they have to overcome various obstacles, hide in case of danger, and fight rivals. A pet, in order to make up for the lack of such adventures, begins to misbehave and entertain itself in all available ways.

Eats all the time, although not hungry

Crusades to the kitchen are a common activity for a bored pet. In this way, the cat tries to relieve stress by simply eating snacks, as most people do. As a result, an inattentive owner can overfeed the pet, which will lead to inevitable problems with excess weight and obesity. If your cat spends most of the time by the bowls of food, then feed it often and in small portions.

Signs Cat Bored

Walking around the apartment and meowing

Constant cat screams may not be a sign of sexual desire, as many owners believe. Thus, the animal tries to show that it is bored and lacks attention. However, a cry can also be a sign of pain as a result of some sudden illness. Therefore, just in case, you should show your pet to a veterinarian.

Sticks to the owner

If the cat follows you on his heels and looks invitingly into your eyes, then he, most likely, is only trying to say that the owner does not devote enough time to him. In this case, the animal can throw itself under its feet, caress, raise its tail vertically upward, interfere with doing business.

Do not drive it away so as not to exacerbate the stress. You can pet, talk to, and sit on your lap to build contact and build confidence.

Signs Cat Bored

Shows Signs of Stress

Obsessive grooming that is fanatic is also considered a sign of boredom in an animal. And cleanliness has nothing to do with it. By licking its fur coat, the cat tries to relieve the feeling of anxiety that it cannot find a suitable occupation for itself.

In advanced cases, the animal begins to tear off pieces of wool from itself and swallow them, which as a result leads to disastrous consequences.

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