How to Make a Cat and Dog Get Along : 5 Tips


Despite what widespread culture would have you ever believe, it’s truly potential for dogs and cats to measure harmonized whether or not they need utterly completely different temperaments, lifestyles and behaviors. A peaceful relationship and living together between your house pets is very vital, because it can permit you to relish living along with your companions while not having to fret a few issue. Here are five tips to help a cat and a dog get along – live together .

1. Respect the behaviors of every species

Cat and a Dog behaviors are totally different. Dogs organize their society in packs with a hierarchical data structure, within which there’s only 1 dominant animal. Cats, on the opposite hand, are solitary animals. Of course, this distinction in behaviors, bonds and mode will spark conflicts.

The best thanks to facilitate your cat and your dog live along and find on is to respect each their social structures. Let your dog take dominance and let it place itself at the highest of the pets’ hierarchy, however respect and assist your cat’s behavior by providing it with an area of its own that isn’t frequently invaded by the dog.

Cat and a Dog behavior

2. Introduce the animals properly

It doesn’t matter if the new pet may be a cat or dog; the animal that already lives within the home must get to understand it properly, and takes priority during this method.

Introducing 2 animals UN agency can live along may be a important moment, and you ought to try and forestall them from obtaining excited. we have a tendency to advocate ensuring that that your current resident pet has had food, drink and is tired out from walking or enjoying games before it meets its new companion. this may cut back its territorial instinct.

What ought to I do to introduce the cat and also the dog properly?

  1. Don’t pick up the cat in your arms, because it might scratch you. Trim its nails so it doesn’t hurt the dog if one thing goes badly within the initial meeting.
  2. Keep each pet on a lead – by doing this, you’ll be able to forestall them from symptom one another.
  3. Bring them along slowly while not forcing their proximity. allow them to examine and smell one another, and observe their behavior.
  4. If the behavior is correct and each pet are calm, you’ll be able to allow them to act with one another and reward them each with treats.
  5. If, on the opposite hand, the behavior is aggressive, the dog tries to chase the cat or the cat tries to scratch the dog, you would like to firmly tell them “no”.
  6. Move the pets into separate rooms while not taking the lead off either of them, and repeat the method till each pet may be relaxed within the same area.

How do I get each pet to relax?

If the meeting was terribly negative and each pets are restless and nervous concerning the presence of the opposite, you’ll must work with each of them. Ask for help from a relative or friend in this reconciliation process.

Go to a good and spacious area, if possible, and bring the beds of each pets along. Leave the doors open so they don’t feel anxious concerning being barred up and, with the assistance of the opposite person, get each pets to relax. One possibility is to try to to exercises with the dog whereas your loved one plays games with the cat, as an example.

Work with both pets, distracting them and making them feel comfortable. One option is to play soft music so create a pleasant atmosphere as you stroke them. Keep trying to bring them together until their behavior is respectful or at least they ignore one another. If this behavior isn’t possible yet, keep the dog and the cat in separate rooms. Do the same relaxing exercises with open doors so that they at least can get used to the other’s presence and smell. If you find the work tedious or are getting really bad results, go to a dog trainer.

3. Start their cohabitation from when they are young

Cats and dogs habitation isn’t invariably a hard situation; after all, it’s typically the alternative. Encouraging each pets to be told tricks and commands and gratifying them whenever they behave properly to 1 another is prime. Positive reinforcement may be a good way to assist a cat and a dog get along.

Ensure that their coaching is positive from day one of their cohabitation; man has been domesticating animals for ages, however it will take an extended time to induce these 2 animals, who can be so aggressive in the wild, to live in peace and harmony. Work on their domestication simultaneously and train them together. Make your house a happy home for both animals.

Cat and a Dog behavior

4. Feed them in separate areas

Don’t forget that both dogs and cats are predators. This means that it is very easy for them to start fighting over food, which could end up in a bite or the swipe of a claw. To prevent your cat and your dog from fighting, make sure each pet can eat in its own separate space without feeling threatened. As time goes on, and if they grow to like each other, you won’t need to separate them.

You also shouldn’t let them eat each other’s food; make them agree to respect each other’s food, at least when you are present.

Cat and a Dog behavior

5. Toys for all

While it may seem an obvious piece of advice, it’s important to stress this point because it is more useful than it might seem. Jealousy and resentment over attention, toys and treats can lead to the fast deterioration of a relationship between a dog and a cat.

Dogs are naturally social creatures, while cats have a keener predatory instinct. These very different behavioral traits are eased by the use of toys, which channel the cat’s hunting instinct and stop it from exhibiting predatory behaviors, safely externalizing their natural instincts. On the other hand, the dog will view the toy as something that it owns, which will make it feel safe and loved.

Give both your cat and your dog various toys of different colors and shapes; they especially appreciate toys that make noise. The two animals will love their toys, and they will provide them with a genuine distraction when you’re not around, preventing them from bothering each other.

These are our 5 tips to help a cat and a dog live together and get along. What do you recommend? Tell us all in the comments section!