5 Years Ago, Her Dog Was Stolen And She Found Her 600 Miles From Home

5 years dog stolen found 600 miles from home

“Hello Stephanie, your dog, Sheba, has microchip number 981020021198387 and has been reported as found. Please contact the finder, Borger Animal Control, at (806) 273-0973. Thank you found.org,” the post read. text he received this afternoon.

Sheba a German Shepherd dog, had been stolen from the Moore-Malmstrom family backyard in Baytown, Texas in 2018. From there she was taken to the Texas Panhandle, where she was eventually adopted by a family, she lived with for four and a half years. However, when this family had to move, problems soon arose.

They had decided they didn’t want to take care of her anymore, left her homeless and on her own. Sheba spent several months on the streets and was cared for by a neighborhood teenager. It was in this context that an animal control officer found her and checked her microchip. Sheba had been found more than 600 miles from her home.

After taking several breaths to control her nerves, Stephanie called the number on the text and as soon as she could see Sheba via FaceTime, despite the dog being much older, she knew it was okay. beloved dog.

A reunion-like flight

5 years dog stolen found 600 miles from home
Stephanie Malmstrom

With the help of Pilots N Paws – a nonprofit that rehoms stray animals or brings them to shelters – Sheba quickly got some fresh air and was back home.

When the dog finally got off the plane, Stephanie was amazed to see her after all this time. Sheba was thrilled to see the Moore-Malmstrom girls and immediately rushed over. Safe in the arms of her family, Sheba was able to relax and enjoy their love.

5 years dog stolen found 600 miles from home
Stephanie Malmstrom

“I hope my experience will encourage pet sitters to microchip their dogs and cats and never give up hope if a four-legged friend is lost or stolen! If the microchipping law had been in place in 2018, I could have had my daughter Sheba back in weeks rather than years It wasn’t until September 2021 that Texas officially passed a bill requiring animal shelters and rescuers to scan an animal in their care for a microchip.”

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