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She adopts two dogs; 5 years pass and they return to the shelter. She had no choice

An adorable couple of Dalmatian dogs are having bad luck in their canine lives. After a few years spent in a warm home, they return to the shelter. Older dogs don’t lose hope that someone will pay attention to them. However, every day spent in the box robs them of the chance for a new life.

Sometimes the owner has no choice. Entrusting your dog to a shelter is a difficult decision

Even though a shelter is the last place a dog would probably want to be, fate compels its owners to take such measures. Illness, lack of good conditions or an unexpected and sudden living situation causes adopted dogs to return to the same place from which they were taken. Such a move is difficult for both the animal and its owner. The animals don’t understand why they were abandoned. Refuge canin les Oubliés de Saint Béart shelter workers do everything to ease the trauma, but only a new home can restore the creatures’ trust in humans.

Two Dalmatians were brought back to the shelter after 5 years in a warm and cozy home. Mandy and Mambo ended up in a shelter when they were just a few months old. They waited a long time before being adopted. There was no indication that they would be there again. Life forced the owner to make such a move.

The dogs became very close to each other. They were still waiting for their man

The canine duo spent their best years behind bars. Mandy and Mambo came to the shelter as puppies. The employees were convinced that these charming Dalmatians with wonderful personalities would quickly find their permanent owners. However, this did not happen. The dogs grew up and waited 4 years for someone to appear who would be interested in them.

The couple became very close to each other. In order not to disappoint the dogs, only adoption as a duo was possible. One day, fate smiled on them and the two dogs were noticed by a woman. Thanks to her, they found a magnificent home where they spent 5 wonderful years. Unfortunately, life has written them a terrible scenario.

Life left him no choice. The dogs found themselves behind bars again

The dog’s owner became seriously ill. Unfortunately, she was the only one looking after the duo. The illness left him with no choice but to turn to the shelter for help. After many years in a loving home, Mandy and Mambo were abandoned again.

Dogs can’t understand what they did wrong. They are scared and confused. Instead of the warm, comfortable couch they knew, they now sleep in a shelter. The staff still thinks someone will pay attention to this dog duo. Mandy and Mambo love people so much that they always hope that there will be a human who will give them love and care and provide them with a home for the rest of the time they have left in this short dog life .

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