6 Dog Breeds That Shed Heavily


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6 dog breeds that shed so badly that you can make socks from their fur every month

Keeping animals at home requires attentive attitude and careful care from the owners. This is especially true for dogs with thick and long hair.


Dog Breeds Shed Heavily Collie

The dog is of Scottish descent. Queen Victoria loved these dogs for their gentle nature. Collies get along well with children, and for the owner they are smart companions. It is a large dog with long, straight hair, an elongated muzzle, small ears, long tail and limbs. The dog is decorated with a white collar or white chest. Three colors are considered the main ones: sable, tricolor, blue merle.

The collie has a lean physique, and they look powerful because of the thick long coat. Therefore, of course, the animal molts. When keeping a dog in an apartment with warm air, the wool is constantly falling. A young animal sheds hair before the age of one year. This unpleasant process is exacerbated by illness, puppybirth and the process of feeding the puppies.

Collie hair must be properly cared for. You don’t need to scratch every day – three times a month is enough to avoid injuring the hairs. Behind the ears, on the paws, on the inside of the thighs and armpits should be treated more often. You should always have combs, hairbrushes and a slicker on hand. In no case should you leave the mats – they will torture the dog.

Spray the coat with water or conditioner before brushing. The front and hind legs are processed with a slicker. Behind the ears, they are first combed with a comb with rare teeth, and then with a massage brush. You can knit beautiful mittens and socks from collie wool. The dog does not need washing, but in the summer it enjoys swimming in the river.

Golden retriever

Dog Breeds Shed Heavily Chow Chow

The retriever is an excellent companion and loyal friend. The dog loves to walk often, prefers physical activity, nurses babies. The Retriever is a large dog. It has medium-length limbs and a voluminous, forward-protruding chest. The muzzle sits beautifully on the massive neck, and the ears hang down on either side of the head. The retriever has a fluffy long tail. The color of the dog is golden or with different shades of red. Rich wool is a matter of concern for the owner.

The Golden retriever must be properly looked after – purchase special combs with sparse (for the first combing and matted hair) and frequent teeth (for repeating the procedure). It is enough to wash the retriever twice a year. It is necessary to choose special shampoos and use a balm. A hairdryer is suitable for drying. At the same time it is necessary to comb the dog’s hair so that the hair fits perfectly.


Dog Breeds Shed Heavily German Shepherd

The dog is a great kind-hearted and caring nanny for a child. It is hard to experience separation from loved ones. Newfoundland is impressive in size. He has a broad chest and muscular body. The legs are relatively short, the tail is long and bushy.

The dog is distinguished by a square muzzle, ears hanging down the sides of a large head, and long hair. Animals are of little use for living in an apartment because of their large size and strong molting. The wool of the animal, collected during combing, is quite enough to tie the blanket. Newfoundlands completely change their undercoat in autumn and spring, but they also shed throughout the year.

This dog can stay in cold water for a long time, since the long thick hairline of the animal, prone to the formation of tangles, is adapted to this. The dog’s coat must be washed regularly – when dirty, it is electrified and chopped. It is better to bathe four times a month with professional cosmetics. And comb the already clean dog.

Pyrenean mountain dog

Dog Breeds Shed Heavily Pyrenean mountain dog

This breed has become one of the most popular guard dogs in France. In America and Europe, she is known much more than in Russia.

The Pyrenean mountain dog loves society, but does not become very attached, and does not trust strangers. The dog is an enemy of wolves, protects its territory and does not like its violators. At the withers the dog reaches 84 cm. The head is relatively small. The muzzle of the Pyrenean dog is short. Clever little eyes are almond-shaped.

The dog is famous for its luxurious double coat. The top hard layer can be straight or wavy. The undercoat is small, shaggy. There is a massive collar on the neck. The animal has a beautiful white color. The Pyrenean dog sheds terribly.

Long hair stays on all carpets in the house. And it’s easy to care for it – it repels water and dirt and does not get tangled. The dog needs to be combed for half an hour a week.

German Shepherd

Dog Breeds Shed Heavily Newfoundland

Dogs were brought to Russia from Germany. The dog can be a nanny, companion and protector. Sheepdog is an excellent watchdog, but it needs a spacious yard where you can run freely around the territory. The German Shepherd has a strong skeleton and a large, muscular body.

The pelvis is low, the limbs are long and strong, the tail is like a saber. The shape of the head resembles a wedge, and the ears are large, pointed. Most often dogs are black and tan. The German Shepherd sheds heavily twice a year. The top layer of skin and hair are renewed at the same time, and the epidermis falls off in small pieces.

The animal has a short, thick coat with a good undercoat. The hairs are, as a rule, coarse, and usually do not stray into tangles. But the dying coat gets tangled, causing discomfort in the dog. It is recommended to bathe the dog once every two months or even less often so as not to wash off the protective layer. The shepherd should be combed three times a week. During molting, the procedure takes longer and more thoroughly.

Chow Chow

Dog Breeds Shed Heavily Golden retriever

This breed is originated from China. Chow Chow serves the owner, but does not always try to please him. The animal is used as a guard dog. The dog is of medium height, dense build, bear muzzle. The Chow Chow has small, erect ears, a curled tail, strong legs and a blue tongue.

The coat is straight, very thick. There is a tight collar on the neck and shorts on the legs. Dogs come in cream, white, light brown, reddish, black and gray-blue. Chow Chow sheds heavily twice a year. The dog should be bathed monthly or slightly less often, and combed every week. All dead hair should be removed to avoid tangles becoming an obstacle.

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