6 Dog Myths, They Would Debunk If They Could Speak


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Myths about dogs began to appear several thousand years ago, when people first tamed these animals. Dogs are cheerful, adorable and interesting, but if they had the opportunity, they probably would not mind refuting some of the common dog myths about themselves.

Now let’s imagine what the dogs would tell us about dog myths !

Dog Myths # 1: Dogs are color blind

This myth has been around since the 1930s. Then Will Judy, a big dog fanatic and creator of a nationwide holiday event called Dog Week, stated that we dogs only see shades of black and gray. This is not at all the case. We do have fewer color-sensing receptors than humans, meaning our color spectrum is slightly narrower, but we still distinguish colors better than cats!

Dog Myths

Dog Myths # 2: A dog’s mouth is cleaner than a human mouth

Have you ever seen a person eating garbage cans, cat feces, or licking something incomprehensible from the sidewalk? So, I didn’t see it, but we, dogs, do it from time to time. It’s fun and we love it. Sorry, but we are not ashamed for this! However, our mouths have different useful things. For example, the tongue, with which it is easy to remove dirt from wounds, or saliva, which is the first obstacle to infection. Life is such that we dog eat a lot of obscene things, and many bacteria live in our mouths, many of which are potentially harmful. We understand why you don’t want us to rush to lick you, but that doesn’t mean we will stop doing it!

Dog Myths

Dog Myths # 3: The dog feels guilty

We bow our heads or close our eyes after gnawing a notebook or breaking a trash can, but this is because you are yelling at us! It is difficult for us to understand that all this is not considered normal in the human world.

By the way, do you even know how boring you are? We need to be more fun! Chew a boot at least once in your life!

As soon as we see that you are upset about something, we immediately use our ability to calm you down. We may pretend to be sorry, but in reality we are not. We just know how to behave in such a situation. How can you blame us for this?

Dog Myths
Dog Myths

Dog Myths # 4: Dogs eat grass if they get sick

Don’t jump to conclusions when you see us gnawing grass on your lawn. Before you put us in the car and take us to the vet for an ambulance, pay attention to how much grass we eat and whether we spit it back out. Sometimes we like to eat weed. But if we do it often, eat tons of grass, if we then vomit, then it is better to take us to the vet. It is not at all necessary that we are sick with something – this behavior may be a sign of something else.

Dog Myths
Dog Myths

Dog Myths # 5: Dogs naturally have a bad mouth odor

I admit that some of us do have a stench, but it’s not that our mouths, by definition, give off an unpleasant odor, and it’s not that we eat smelly and vile waste. The bad smell usually does not come from food stuck between the fangs. These can be problems both in the mouth and in the abdomen. If you smell a bad smell, you should contact your veterinarian and make sure that there are no serious health problems. Perhaps we should learn to brush our teeth properly.

Dog Myths
Dog Myths

Dog Myths # 6: Can’t train an old dog

The older the animal is, the smarter it is, and dogs can be trained at least some techniques at any age. Training can be of some benefit to older dogs. She gives us confidence and strengthens our friendship with the owner.

But it is necessary to train people so that they do not demand too much from the old dogs, whose bodies and brains are no longer the same. We may not always be able to perform the same tricks as our younger and more mobile brethren. Be patient when teaching us new skills or weaning us from unwanted habits. Believe me, if there is a reward for it, most of us will rush into battle, regardless of age!

If some ideas about the behavior of dogs are passed from owner to owner, they are not necessarily true. Feel free to ask your veterinarian something if you have questions about your dog.

Dog Myths
Dog Myths

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