What Do You Need To Buy For A Puppy? The Essentials

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Will you have a new family member in your house soon? If so, we suggest checking if you are ready for its appearance! Below is a list of essential products a puppy needs in the first months of life.

1. Bowls

Your puppy needs two bowls, one for food and one for water. Bowls must be stable and fit the size of the pet (it is more practical for a puppy to buy bowls “for growth”). Consider your puppy’s breed when choosing bowls.

There are several varieties of puppy bowls:

Plastic bowls

Inexpensive, lightweight, bright and easy to clean product. Suitable for dwarf and small dog breeds, as well as for puppies. It is not recommended to buy plastic bowls for temperamental puppies, as they are very light and will “crawl” on the floor during meals.

Plastic bowls can be single or double. Double bowls are more difficult to clean, but they take up less space.

Products Puppy

Ceramic bowls

The main advantage of ceramic puppy bowls is their stability. Due to their weight, ceramic bowls don’t roll over or roll on the floor.

Metal bowls

This type of bowls is made of stainless steel and will serve you and your pet for more than one year.

For moving puppies, special bowls with an elastic band have been developed, which have an anti-slip rubberized bottom.

Owners of a small kitchen will be delighted with the ergonomic bowls on a stand: they take up little space, are easy to clean and have rubberized feet.

One of the most modern bowls is metal on an adjustable stand. Like all metal bowls, they are very practical and durable. At the same time, they are very convenient for the puppy: the massive stand prevents the bowls from rolling on the floor, and the solid mount prevents them from turning over. In addition, many dog ​​handlers believe that bowls should be positioned at the level of the dog’s chest, as this promotes proper posture and prevents air from being swallowed. These bowls are especially convenient for puppies: adjustable bowls will “grow” as the dog matures and will contribute to the correct development of the spine.

Silicone bowls

Convenient and lightweight foldable silicone bowls that fit easily into a jeans pocket, backpack or purse. Indispensable during long walks, traveling or at an exhibition.

Advice: Ask the breeder or veterinarian (and it is better to listen to the opinion of both!), How to feed the puppy. Stock up on essential foods or feed so that the new family member always has fresh food.

2. Toys

Surely, thinking about the question “What does a puppy need?”, You imagined various toys. Puppy toys are not just fun, they are also a way to explore the world. The right toys will save your shoes and furniture and help your puppy survive the loneliness while you are not at home. We advise you to read the article on choosing toys for your puppy.

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3. A place to sleep and rest

The puppy needs to be allocated a place in the apartment where he will sleep and rest. Where this place will be located depends not only on your choice, but also on the preferences of the puppy: a new family member may like to be in the center of attention, or maybe vice versa – he wants to rest where there is no close supervision. The main thing is that the pet’s corner is soft, warm and comfortable!

Puppy bedding

Puppy mats are practical loungers made on a foam base. They fold easily and can be taken with you on the road. The mat can be placed in the cage or carrier.

Puppy pillows

Puppy pillows are softer bedding options. The pillows can be used either on their own or as a soft base for a plastic lounger or carrier.

Puppy baskets

Baskets are ideal for puppies / dogs who like to rest their head on something while sleeping. Baskets are soft and hard. In the latter case, it is best to use them with a soft pillow or blanket.

When choosing a bed, pay attention to its size (it is better for a puppy to buy a bed “for growth”). More practical are sun loungers that have a removable cover or that can be washed in a washing machine.

4. Collar

Before buying a leash or collar for a puppy, check with your breeder or a specialist you know about what kind of harness is best for a particular breed. For example, harnesses are not suitable for all breeds of puppies, for some they are categorically contraindicated; also not all puppies are comfortable to walk on a tape measure, etc.

When choosing a collar or harness for a puppy, pay attention to the material from which they are made. For small puppies, nylon or soft leather is best; for older puppies, tarp or coarser leather is best. If you have a large breed, you may need to change the collar (harness) or purchase a collar with a wide range of adjustment so that you can increase the length as the puppy grows.

When choosing a roulette leash, pay attention to its “kilogram weight”: it should cover not only the weight of your puppy, but also the force of its jerk. For active, temperamental dogs and growing puppies, it is best to buy a “reserve” tape measure. For example, we recommend pugs to use a 20-25 kilogram tape measure, although the average weight of an adult pug varies from 8 to 12 kilograms.

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When going for a walk with the puppy, do not forget to attach an address tag to his collar or harness – a pendant that contains information about the puppy and its owner (name, address, phone number, etc.). The address tag will help people who have found your pet to contact you.

During late evening walks, you may need glowing accessories (collars, cords or medallions). They will help you not to lose your pet in the dark, and also make it safer to move around the city streets.

5. Toilet

While the puppy cannot go outside, or while he is just learning to go to the toilet, give him a special place at home where he can relieve himself.

This can be an absorbent diaper or a puppy toilet. Owners of dwarf and decorative breeds may be more profitable to acquire reusable diapers that can be washed in a washing machine.

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6. Care items

In order for a puppy to grow up beautiful and healthy, it is necessary to take care of its hygiene, groom its coat, regularly trim its nails, brush its teeth, eyes and ears. Special care products will help you with this.


The puppy must not be washed with shampoo intended for humans: the specificity of the dog’s coat and skin is not taken into account in human shampoos! Buy only specialized puppy shampoos for your pet. There is a large selection of puppy shampoos. When your pet is a little older, transfer it to a shampoo that takes into account the characteristics of its coat. For example, there are shampoos for black dogs, for wire-haired or short-haired dogs.

For long-haired dogs, in addition to shampoo, you need to use a conditioner or a special detangling spray.


The clipper is a special device for clipping the nails. For small dog breeds, you can use scissors, for larger dogs, guillotines or secateurs.

If you are afraid to cut your dog’s nails yourself, take him to a grooming salon or veterinary clinic.

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Combs, brushes, slickers

The arsenal of grooming tools you need depends on your dog’s breed.

For short-haired dogs, brushing or brushing once a week is usually enough. Choosing a slicker (brush) is necessary depending on the type of skin and coat of the dog. For wire-haired dogs, grooming tools with a hard cord, such as metal slickers, are suitable. For dogs with delicate skin, rubber brushes or soft brushes with nylon bristles are more suitable. Caring for a long-haired dog will require the use of special combs and collars.

Dog combs differ in size (standard or mini) and tooth frequency (sparse, frequent).

Among the many manufacturers of tools for grooming dogs, we should highlight the Belgian company Show Tech, which makes tools for professional grooming, and the Taiwanese company Hello Pet, which specializes in quality tools for home and semi-professional use.

If your puppy has an undercoat, you can’t do without Furminator, an American undercoat remover that reduces shedding by up to 90%. You can learn more about this tool and familiarize yourself with its advantages in the article about furminators.

Hygiene products

You can clean your pet’s ears with a special lotion or drops. Owners of allergy-prone dogs will definitely appreciate the 8in1 Ear Clear Ear Lotion.

For eye hygiene, special lotions made from herbs such as chamomile or calendula are most often used. If there is discharge in the eyes, it is recommended to use Phytoelita Calendula Eye Lotion.

Regular brushing with a pupy brush and toothpaste can help prevent the development of tartar, and get rid of unpleasant odors with 8in1 Dental Breath Mouth Odor Tablets

7. First aid kit

In addition to the phone number of the breeder or a specialist friend, you should always have at hand the phones of the nearest veterinary clinics, veterinarians who go home, as well as round-the-clock veterinary clinics.

Be sure to keep a puppy’s first aid kit, which will store essential medicines and medications that can be useful in treating your puppy or providing first aid.

The kit should have these products:

  • Thermometer, pipette, enema;
  • Cotton wool, bandages, adhesive plaster, bandages;
  • Medical tourniquet;
  • Several syringes of different sizes;
  • Disinfectants: hydrogen peroxide, an alcohol solution of iodine, brilliant green, potassium permanganate, chlorhexidine;
  • Pharmacy chamomile, activated charcoal, smectite, polysorb (for stomach disorders);
  • Suprastin or tavegil (for allergies);
  • Levomekol (in case of cuts, bites and other injuries).
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We recommend expanding the list with medications that are necessary for your particular puppy dog breed. For example, it is recommended for “shy” breeds to have a Corvalol on hand.

Getting a puppy is a very responsible act! A new family member will require a lot of attention and patience from you.

To make your puppy’s upbringing enjoyable, your pet’s mood is always on top and health is in perfect order, take care of all the things that the puppy will need at the beginning of his life in advance!

Undoubtedly, the puppy will repay for your care with his love and dedication!


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