8 Traits That Make Pugs Look Grumpy But Kind Oldies


Pugs are some of the cutest and friendliest dogs around. From the outside, they resemble grumpy, but kind old people who are ready to constantly pay attention to you. This breed has several characteristics.

Pug dog


Pugs differ from other dogs by their increased trust in other people. They are quite light-hearted, funny and affectionate, so it is not so difficult to attract their attention. Almost anyone can easily lead a pug away, even if left on a leash near the store. Therefore, if you do not want to lose your pet, do not leave him alone in a crowded place. Their curiosity and playfulness makes pugs contact everyone, especially those who offer something tasty.


Jealousy is another quality that sets the pug apart from other dogs. This breed requires a lot of attention. If guests come to you, be sure that the pet will try with all its might to become the main object of entertainment for them. He is used to being in the spotlight, which is why he hates being in the background. The pug will get angry, grumble and constantly try to stop you so that you can finally play with him or pet him, so do not swear at him. Jealousy is a feature of this breed, which makes it extremely difficult to re-educate them.


Pugs are not easy to train dogs. If you insist on executing commands for a long time or on performing some other task, the pet may simply turn around and leave, revealingly ignoring you. They are quite touchy, so they remember for a long time when they are yelled at or angry at. If the pug doesn’t like something, he won’t growl or bark at you, showing his displeasure. For him, the best solution is to behave as calmly and detached as possible so that you understand his resentment.

Pug dog


Laziness is probably the main quality of pugs. Even at a young age, they often behave like grumpy old people who have no strength and desire for anything. Representatives of this breed get tired very quickly, so they can even lie down and rest as much as they want in the middle of a walk. It is difficult to force a pug to do something against his will. His personal desires come first. Try not to pull him for a walk or play if you see that he is completely exhausted. The likelihood that his desire will appear in the fresh air is extremely low.


Pugs are all known for their loudness. In ordinary life, they make many grunting sounds, and during sleep they snore very loudly. Therefore, if you are thinking of having such a dog, be prepared that the snoring will be worse than that of your grandfather. They can be heard throughout the house, which prevents people from sleeping. But on the other hand, it makes them very cute and a little awkward.


The pug is a special, bred breed, so it needs good nutrition, and best of all, a suitable diet. These dogs are inherently allergic, and if given the wrong foods, they can start to lose hair, itch and swell. In addition, you need to use special skin and wool care products when washing. Please consult your veterinarian before purchasing any product.

Pug dog

Gluttonous and inclined to be overweight

Few people are touched by plump pugs. And this is not surprising, they are extremely funny to gain weight and move due to their short legs. However, excess weight does not benefit these dogs, they already have breathing problems from birth, which only aggravates the situation. Pets of this breed are very voracious and can constantly gnaw something. They love to beg for different treats and demand more. To maintain the health of the pug, it is better to pamper him not too often, so that he does not become obese and can easily move around.

Anxiety and inner tension

Few people realize that pugs are quite anxious dogs. They quickly react to external stimuli and extraneous sounds. If these pets feel at least a little danger, then they immediately begin to feel internal tension and anxiety. This is especially noticeable in their behavior: they can look fearfully at one point or run fussily. At such moments, you must definitely pay attention to the pet’s behavior and try to calm him down.

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