This Boy Sells His Precious Collection Of Pokemon Cards To Pay For The Treatment Of His Sick Dog

Bryson Pokémon Bruce

The dog, named Bruce, was the only one playing with the boy, but the animal was diagnosed with parvo, which is a contagious virus that can be fatal if left untreated.

The love this child has for his pet is priceless, and to show it, this 8-year-old boy was ready to give his most precious possessions to save his dog’s life. And is that the little one sold his collection of Pokémon cards to achieve this.

Bryson Pokémon Bruce

Bryson Kliemann and his mother, Kimberly Woodruff, from Lebanon, Virginia, recently noticed that their 4-month-old dog, Bruce, was not feeling well and took him to the vet.

After going to the local vet, Bruce was diagnosed with parvo, a contagious virus that can be fatal if left untreated. The procedure to treat the puppy cost around $ 700, an amount the family could not afford.

“It saddened me a bit because normally my brother and sister play together and I don’t have anyone to play with. So I usually play with him,” little Bryson said, according to People magazine.

Worried about losing his friend and playmate, the boy decided to take matters into his own hands and sell his Pokémon cards, which he had been collecting for four years. He set up a table outside his house with a large sign that read: Pokémon for sale.

Bryson Pokémon Bruce
Bryson Pokémon Bruce

His mother, Woodruff, was not at home when Bryson started selling Pokémon cards on May 4, but her husband sent her a picture of Bryson near his sales table.

Bryson sold the cards for between $ 5 and $ 10. However, once people found out about his fundraiser through Facebook, they began to donate without expecting Pokémon Cards in return.

Bryson Pokémon Bruce

Woodruff decided to start a fundraiser on the GoFundMe website to raise money for the procedure after receiving an overwhelming number of messages from the community regarding their donation.

Although he initially sought to raise $ 800, Bryson made over $ 27,000 through his fundraiser.

On May 10, Woodruff revealed that Bruce had received the treatment and was on the mend.

Bryson Pokémon Bruce

“Bruce is now at home with his family. He’s doing great, but he’s still recovering, ”the mom said on the fundraising page.

Woodruff said any additional donations would be used to help other families who need money to take care of their pets.


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