9-Year-Old Boy Sells Paintings To Help Shelter Animals


Pasha Abramov is a 9-year-old Russian boy with an innate talent for art and pet portraits. Despite his young age, the interest in his paintings is such that, if he wanted, he could sell them for money or exchange them for toys, but he preferred to use them for solidarity purposes: Abramov exchange his pretty portraits for food and supplies for animals from a local shelter. This idea is part of a project that Pasha started with his mother Ekaterina about a year ago …

Here’s Pasha Abramov  :

The mother and son started by opening a page on social networks entitled: “What can a little volunteer do?”, In order to demonstrate that even the smallest of human beings can bring about a positive change which attracts other people to follow it.

Then Pacha got to work and started making portraits of his neighbors’ pets, inspired by photographs of the animals in question.

He began to do so on the condition that the remuneration for his efforts, his talent and his time be intended to provide food and supplies to other more disadvantaged animals.

In a short time, all of these efforts translated into success for his solidarity initiative. And it is that ‘Friendly Brush’ has spread beyond the city of Arzamas, where the young Russian lives. People from Russia and abroad want Pasha to do portraits of their pets to participate in this charity mission.

Pasha Abramov works as a volunteer at the “Life” refuge, the only animal refuge in her city, which currently houses more than 100 dogs.

In exchange for his paintings, all of the food and drugs, accessories, and other pet supplies he receives donate them to the shelter as needed.

In the future, Pacha wishes to get in an art school and fulfill his dream of becoming an architect and building his own animal shelter.

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