Heartbroken 95-Year-Old Says Goodbye To His Best Friend

95 year old man says goodbye to best friend

Jim Morgan, a 95-year-old man from Kaikohe, New Zealand, was heartbroken after his best friend, his dog Sandy, was attacked by six other dogs. He wants people who allow their dogs to attack other people and pets to be automatically prosecuted.

The couple were walking near their home in the morning when six off-leash dogs attacked Sandy. Jim is in mourning after his former canine companion had to be shot after the attack.

It was initially hoped that once Sandy’s leg was amputated, he would survive, but he did not, leaving Morgan deeply upset and inconsolable. She had Sandy for at least 12 years and now she had to say goodbye to him forever.

Heartbroken 95-year-old says goodbye to his best friend

95 year old man says goodbye to best friend

Dean Myburg, CEO of the Far North District Council, said dog owners are solely responsible for keeping their pets under control and if they fail to do so they will be prosecuted.

It was the second time the couple had been assaulted. In 2016, Morgan and Sandy were injured after being attacked by an off-leash dog. At the time, Morgan needed stitches in his hand and his knees were injured, while Sandy received stitches in his neck, stomach and other places, according to Stuff.

95 year old man says goodbye to best friend

Morgan is hard of hearing and 95% blind, but he still took Sandy for several walks each day. He said he was “just walking the dog down the street” when off-leash dogs attacked them. Sandy was grabbed by a shoulder and a back leg and Morgan fell to the ground.

The dogs were off leash and were apparently being exercised by a man riding an ATV.

Morgan’s injuries are limited to bruises where he fell on the track, but he was distraught for Sandy, his only companion now that his wife has died and much of his family lives in Australia.

Morgan’s neighbors Cynthia Moran and her husband, Garry Moran, discovered the attack after another neighbor told them what had happened. So they took the couple to the vet, where it was decided that Sandy’s injuries were too extensive.

95 year old man says goodbye to best friend

Garri said:

“Because of these injuries and other complications, his age and weight, the vet reported that he was not happy to perform operations. It would have been cruel to keep Sandy alive because of that.”

Morgan is inconsolable

“Morgan is an amazing old man, tough as nails, but he’s very, very sad about the whole situation and a lot of people in town are upset.”

Cynthia said she broke the news to Mr. Morgan:

“I just put my arms around him and hugged him, and I told him he had to let Sandy go. He said he didn’t want to, and I just said that sometimes we have to do the nicest things, even when it’s hard.”

95 year old man says goodbye to best friend

Cynthia added:

“He was just sobbing. Last night he said to us, ‘I just want to die with Sandy’, it’s terrible because I’ve never heard Jim talk like that, he’s a very positive person.”

Morgan was devastated that Sandy had to be shot. He was able to say goodbye to his “best friend” and said people who allow their dogs to attack other people and pets should be prosecuted.

95 year old man says goodbye to best friend

He said:

“They know very well that the dogs are supposed to have the advantage. There were six of them, and with those kind of dogs you don’t stand a chance.”

Since then, people have come together and donated funds to cover the hefty vet bill. And Sandy was cremated.

Images: Stuff

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