They were convinced that they had found a cat with her kittens, the truth was different. “He didn’t want to deal with them at all”

a cat found with kittens

Very young kittens left to fend for themselves have little chance of survival. During the first weeks of life, babies need loving care. It is a very difficult task that requires a lot of patience. Few animals choose to care for their offspring. However, it turns out that some people show exceptionally high empathy. This was the case of a gray cat found with several kittens. Everyone was convinced that the babies were in their mother’s care. The truth turned out to be completely different.

We found a cat family that needs help

A gray cat with kittens was found in one of the private buildings. The discovery came as a surprise as the owners had no pets. Immediately after realizing they had unexpected tenants, they sought help from a local organization dedicated to helping homeless animals.

Representatives of the Community Cat Club attended the address given. They were confident they had secured the mother with the kittens and taken the whole family to a safe place. All dogs were in good enough condition for unsupervised pets.

However, upon closer examination of all the cats, something came to light that no one expected.

a cat found with kittens

The cat was branded with the name “Mr. Mama”

It turned out that the adult cat found with the kittens is not the mother of the cubs at all. He certainly could have been excluded because he turned out to be a male.

Pet owners were shocked. This is a very unusual phenomenon in this species. Males are generally uninterested in their offspring, and adult males can be a threat to kittens.

This individual didn’t turn out to be the most tender guardian in the world, but he allowed the little ones to snuggle up to him and eat from the same bowl. It is very possible that without her involvement, the kittens would not have survived. It is unknown what happened to their mother and how long they had to manage without her.

Representatives of the organization gave the cat an unusual name. They called him Mr. Mama.

a cat found with kittens

Foster dad finally got what he long deserved

The days passed. The kittens grew up and were adopted one by one. Unfortunately, for a long time no one appeared who would like to adopt a tomcat who showed an exceptionally caring and calm disposition.

He had to wait longer than the cute little ones, but finally luck smiled on him too. Mr. Mama was adopted by a family that already had other cats. Luckily for the gray tom, they were already adults and didn’t require constant attention.

Mr. Mama quickly settled into the new environment. He has changed a lot. He became more relaxed and his skin became glowing and soft. He likes napping on the couch the most. He curls up in a funny position that his new owners call “shrimp”.

He saved helpless kittens, he was saved by good people.

a cat found with kittens

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