A Cat Travels 800 Km In Carpooling To Return Home


Car sharing is the current trend for cheap travel, but for once, the passenger was a bit quirky. Lost 800 km from home.

cat travels 800 km carpooling return home

Here we leave you an incredible story.

Big fright for the owners of the cat Caramel 7 years old! While the family was on vacation in Annecy (Haute-Savoie – France), and when visiting her sister, the cat ran away during the night. Although the whole family searched relentlessly for him, Caramel, the 7-year-old cat could not be found.

Caramel escaped?!

“He had just disappeared! We searched for nearly two hours in the neighbourhood, calling him, moving the pack of croquettes” explain the owners of Caramel. But we could not find him.

The owners have taken the road unfortunately without him.

Back in a shared car

The owners of Caramel have almost reached their home in the North of France, that is, almost 800 km from where the cat was.

But the sister contacted the family to tell them that the feline had returned.

How did he do it?

The cat simply found the place where his family had spent the holidays. The owners of the hotel ended up warning the family.

The sister proposed a cunning and particular solution to them: bring the cat thanks to a car-sharing platform.

This is where Caramel’s journey begins. The owner eventually created an account for Caramel on BlaBlaCar (a French online marketplace for carpooling) and she found a trip proposed by two friends, William and Remi.

The cat received two favorable responses.

A nice company

William and Rémi are the two people who drove Caramel in their car. You can see that they had a great time: “We laughed a lot, we wondered if we were really going to travel with an animal instead of a person.” William declared to France Bleu.

Caramel was an exemplary co-pilot. He slept the entire journey. Near a tollbooth, the cat was reunited with his family.

The two friends even added a positive comment on Caramel’s account: “friendly company, impeccable trip”.

cat travels 800 km carpooling return home
Photo: France Bleu Nord

The owners were able to recover the cat at the Béthune toll. All’s well That ends well.

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