A Dog Driving A Tiny Car Gets Arrested By The Police


While driving a small car on the streets of his neighborhood in Heidelberg West, Australia, a dog meets two police officers.

A few days ago, passing by Heidelberg West, Australia, two police officers came across a very special scene, the two men in uniform saw a dog driving a small car, the dog which was aboard a luxurious Mercedes convertible has been arrested.

They couldn’t ignore the scene, so they arrested the driver of the small black Mercedes convertible.

Agent Lynda Giblett told The Herald Sun:

“We couldn’t believe what we were seeing, of course we had to stop and check it out”

Dog Driving Car Arrested Police
Police de Victoria

The petty driver caused a stir when his “arrest” became known and the curious moment was not overlooked, reported the Victoria Police Department:

“Caught driving under the influence of tenderness”

The detained dog, who was not really alone, was followed a few meters by his family, who was driving the small vehicle using a remote control, with a good explanation for why his animal was driving a small car without a license.

Dog Driving Car Arrested Police
Police de Victoria

The name of this little boy is Buddy, who is an elderly, deaf and blind dog. Its owner to make him continue to benefit from the air and the sun which he received during his walks together in the past procured the car to him.

The police seized the moment and took photos alongside the young offender and his owner, letting him go alone with a warning, constantly being so adorable.

Giblett added:

“It absolutely made our day happy”

Dog Driving Car Arrested Police
Police de Victoria

Buddy ride in style walking the streets of his neighborhood aboard his black Mercedes in the company of his family who loves him so much.