A Dog Protects His Pregnant Friend Until Help Arrives


This dog protects his pregnant friend, seriously injured by a roadside in California, until help arrives.

On the side of a road in Moscoy, California, was a wounded German shepherd who needed help, next to his best friend, a dog who had never abandoned him. Marley was in bad shape and her friend seemed to understand everything, so he sat down next to her while help arrived.

Time and people passed, but no one showed up to help the pair of animals, until the wait was finally over.

Faith Easdale, lifeguard of Dream Fetchers: Project Rescue, received information about the situation of these two hairy men and immediately went to help them.

The dog did not separate from his pregnant friend until help arrived.

dog help friend pregnant rescue

Faith said to the Dodo:

“We received a message saying that she was lying on the side of the road. Marley was in terrible anguish and pain, breathing hard. We didn’t even know if she was going to make it.

Upon arrival, they noticed that Marley’s partner, whom they called Murphy, refused to walk away from him and followed all of the rescuer’s movements.

Faith added:

“It was very heavy and difficult to move, but we did it. Murphy did not leave him on the street. “

Once the dog was safely placed in the vehicle, his companion did not hesitate to get into the car and lie down, resting his head on Marley’s big belly.

The dogs were so calm, they seemed to know that the worst was over and that they were safe, now they just had to recover.

dog help friend pregnant rescue
dog help friend pregnant rescue

The rescuer took the dogs to a veterinary hospital for examination, Marley’s x-rays revealed several broken bones and an unexpected surprise. In a short time, Marley would become a mother, because she was pregnant with 11 beautiful puppies.

dog help friend pregnant rescue

While they spent the first few days at the shelter, Murphy continued to accompany his close friend, but slowly he realized that she was in good hands.

Faith could see that they were no longer so close, so he decided to start looking for a good home for Murphy.

Faith said:

“He could be with her in the hospital, but she was so critical that she didn’t want to run and play.”

Despite her conditions, Marley gave birth to 11 healthy puppies, and although she had her legs in plaster, she seemed determined to take care of her babies.

dog help friend pregnant rescue

Marley’s recovery lasted two years, but with the precious help of his adoptive mother, the veterinarian and several caregivers, the dog was completely healed.

His adopters wrote on Facebook:

“Marley is as sweet and beautiful as the day we brought her home. She plays as if she never had a broken bone.

Marley’s rescuers are happy to know that she is fully recovered and that her puppies are well.

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