A Husky found so malnourished that she looked like a skeleton, 10 months later, she is unrecognizable


This is Hope, a husky dog, who looks healthy and happy, but things were not easy for her earlier.

When Rico Soegiarto found this malnourished and abandoned husky, the poor dog was so weak and neglected that she could barely get up. The animal roamed the streets of Denpasar, Bali, indonesia, with bald spots on its black fur.

She was so malnourished that he looked “skeletal”. She could barely get up, she had long, dirty nails that hadn’t been cut for at least months. It is believed that the husky dog would likely have died without Rico’s care.

Rico took care of the poor animal by washing and cutting its fur, feeding it properly and bringing it regularly to the veterinarian.

Ten months later, the dog has a new coat, looks solid and healthy. The husky is also happy and playful, and loves her new owner, and her name now is Hope.

Check out Hope’s incredible transformation below:

This is the husky dog, which has been abandoned and neglected on the streets of Denpasar, Bali

When Rico Soegiarto, 26, first met on the way home from work one night

She was so thin you could see her bones through her sick skin

She didn’t have long to live

Despite her condition, her bright blue eyes still shone

And Rico knew he had to give this neglected dog a second chance

“I don’t know what was special about her,” said Rico

“It is a matter of heart and feeling. I found her on the way home from work, she was in the middle of the street “

After taking care of the husky with care, with grooming, veterinary visits, and lots of good food

Hope is now strong and healthy with a thick, shiny coat and those same burning blue eyes

Rico shared the results of the transformation of his new beloved pet

She clearly adores Rico. “She loves to be petted and eats lots of cookies!”, and is now part of a happy family with Rico, his girlfriend and 4 other dogs