A Pit Bull Locked In A Tiny Cage Has Warped … What Happens Next Is Extraordinary

Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs Gargoyle Landis pitbull cage Deformed

An innocent pit bull has suffered the consequences of an irresponsible and heartless owner …

The little pit bull was called Gargouille because its body was deformed when it was forced to grow up in a tiny cage. Now the puppy has a second chance and with it, another name: Landis. Thanks to a good Samaritan that crossed his path and saved it.

This young pit bull was rescued by Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs after volunteers from this association received a call for help from a kennel who found the innocent animal in shocking conditions.

The word “heartbreaking” is not enough to explain what happened to Landis. The rescue group saved him in mid-December 2014 and they still quote the rescue on their Facebook page, because what this magnificent pit bull has suffered has particularly marked.

“With all the horror stories that we’ve seen and shared over the years, words like” depressing “are starting to lose their meaning, it’s very sad, we should not have to use that kind of words so often they say.

“There is no better word to describe this little dog” Gargoyle “, for whom we received a call for help from the kennel.This gentleness was between 1 and 2 years old, As you can see, he was suffering He suffered from malnutrition, his legs were bent in half and his spine was curved, and when he saw him, it was assumed that he was forced to live and grow up in a small cage. those monsters who walk among us and who are capable of committing these atrocities? “The association’s post continues.

“After the feeling of pain, the next answer was hatred. How can we do that? How could a person let this happen? The worst of all is that the dog is a darling. One would think he would be upset and frustrated, but that is not the case. Like most of the dogs we met, he just wanted to give and receive love. “Unfortunately, we could not get rid of the pain he had, but we were able to give him the medical care he needed and help him have the best possible future.”

Landis went through a long process of recovery surrounded by love and care. He visited an orthopedic specialist who has noticed a great improvement in his paws since being rescued and believes he has continued to improve over time.

“Its legs will never be perfect but Landis is happy and painless, that’s the most important thing,” said Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs. Landis needed a house where it will not have to walk on concrete or hard surfaces, a garden with lots of soft grass … and found the perfect place.

Landis has been adopted and its new home is the perfect place. Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs reported, “It went to Mass near Cape Cod. It’s a few minutes from the beach (sand is good for its legs), the house has a large yard with fences and hydrotherapy sessions that allow it to be better than ever, “say the volunteers.

“I have learned over time to meet my needs in a controlled way and I like to sit on my mother’s legs to bite my toys.” Signed: the pit bull whose life gave him a second chance. Thank you!

After several years with what was his new family, Landis came to walk with his “good” legs and they reinforce each day.

The before and after Landis leave no one indifferent!

Fortunately, there are good-hearted people around the world who help save dogs like Landis from these terrible abuses.

Second Chance Rescue: Website | Facebook | Instagram

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