A property worth millions and a dog dying on it. Beza did not deserve such a fate

A property worth millions and a dog dying on it. Beza did not deserve such a fate
Karmel's Dog Foundation

She was supposed to have a fairytale life. A palace, delicious food and loving people. Unfortunately, the dog did not benefit from it and her life was a nightmare. Abandoned on a luxurious estate with no roof over her head, let alone anywhere to sleep. The employees of the Karmela Dog Foundation bluntly state: “It’s been a long time since we had a case where a dog was so degraded.”

The wealth of your wallet does not guarantee love for an animal

Having a pet requires having adequate financial resources for its maintenance. As everyone knows, pets can be very expensive. However, there are situations that show that the wealth of owners does not always translate into the well-being of their pets. An animal’s care and well-being depend not on the wealth of the keeper’s wallet, but on their approach and respect towards defenseless creatures.

At the end of March, the Psa Karmela Foundation, with the participation of police officers, carried out an urgent intervention in Koło, Greater Poland Voivodeship. A dog named Beza needed help and she was locked away in a huge estate worth millions of zlotys. Some time ago, for this amount, the owners of Beza put their house up for sale. Unfortunately, when they moved, they did not include their dog, who had lived with them for many years, in their plans. The dog was left alone on the property for a long time, without a roof over his head. All she had was a piece of cloth placed against the wall of the building.

“This is some of the most disgusting dog behavior we have ever seen. It’s been a long time since we had a case where a dog – to put it bluntly – was so disgusted and degraded,” says Michał Gromada, president of the Psa Karmela Foundation.

The dog tried to protect itself from the rain. The owner simply moved

Some time ago, Beza’s owner moved several hundred miles from the property, leaving the dog without access to any rooms and not even providing him with a shared kennel. The dog had only two options: either sit on the dirty, damp cloth against the wall of the expensive mansion, or on the ground in the garden.

A property worth millions and a dog dying on it. Beza did not deserve such a fate
Karmel’s Dog Foundation

Foundation representatives found Beza lying on the ground under the bushes. In this way, the abandoned creature was probably trying to protect itself a little from the bad weather. The owner explained the lack of shelter for her dog because of her fears. According to the caregiver, Beza was afraid of enclosed spaces.

“Even if that were the case, that did not relieve her of her obligation to provide him with suitable shelter. However, given Beza’s behavior in the temporary home where she currently resides, we can doubt the veracity of her owner’s words -” comments the president of the foundation who was on site during the intervention.

Thanks to an administrative decision by the mayor of Koło, employees of the foundation took the dog back from its owners. The lack of shelter alone qualified the dog for immediate emergency collection. However, this is not the only reason why action has been taken regarding this luxurious property.

A property worth millions and a dog dying on it. Beza did not deserve such a fate
Karmel’s Dog Foundation

The dog had to be looked after by relatives. The dog suffered serious damage from humans

During her absence, the owner entrusted the care of the dog to her relatives. Designated guardians came to the abandoned property from time to time to visit the dog. However, given the state in which police found Beza, it is difficult to characterize these actions as disturbing. Unfortunately, all this happened with the approval of the owner, for whom the dog should be the best friend.

A property worth millions and a dog dying on it. Beza did not deserve such a fate
Karmel’s Dog Foundation

Beza’s caregiver attributed his poor condition and overwhelming appearance to the dog’s treatment for atopic dermatitis with a poor prognosis. However, she was unable to provide any medical documents to support her statements. During the intervention, terrifying information was revealed. The dog was treated independently by the owner’s husband, who is a doctor who deals with human illnesses on a daily basis. The man admitted to giving the dog injections, but did not reveal the name of the medications or the name of the veterinarian treating the dog. The Foundation doubts that any person authorized to prescribe medications available on prescription and recalls that:

“The treatment of animals by unauthorized persons is prohibited by at least several legal acts, including the Veterinary Profession Act and the Animal Protection Act, and the latter also states that it is also an offense of animal abuse -” explains a representative of Psa Karmela. Foundation.

The dog is in bad condition. The foundation asks for help

Unfortunately, Beza’s condition turned out to be much worse than initially expected. During the examination, the veterinarian diagnosed that the body was wasting away. The woman’s body condition on a nine-point scale was only 1.5-2 points. His fur was matted, matted and dirty. Additionally, the dog has inflammation around the ears and vulva. She also developed joint degeneration and dislocated kneecaps, which made her legs abnormally positioned. The animal, spending many days outside in constantly poor weather conditions, took a toll on its health.

A property worth millions and a dog dying on it. Beza did not deserve such a fate
Karmel’s Dog Foundation

But it was the foundation’s employees and doctors who were most concerned about the ultrasound results. The dog has a lesion on her ovaries that is at least the size of a tennis ball. Certain symptoms and results indicate that Bèze’s tragic story began much earlier. It was used in pseudo-breeding for reproduction. Saved from her nightmare by a private shelter, she finds herself with the owner of a luxurious property. She was going to have the better life that every dog deserves. Unfortunately, as history shows, he ended up in the gutter due to the rain.

Luckily, Beza turned out to be a very friendly dog, showing her heart to every person who gave her even a little of theirs. The Psa Karmela Foundation took full care of the dog and is currently trying to restore her health and a dignified life. However, the treatment of a large number of diseases is not only difficult, but also very expensive. For this purpose, representatives of the foundation have created a collection that you can support.

The president of the Psa Karmela Foundation, Michał Gromada, filed a complaint with the public prosecutor’s office on suspicion of the crime of animal abuse. In turn, the dog’s owners informed the police of the possibility of theft.

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