Abandoned Boy Finds Comfort And Friendship In A Dog That Protects Him

abandoned boy finds comfort dog protects

Rommel Quemenales, an 11-year-old boy from Quezon City in the Philippines, has been living away from his parents who separated since he was very young. Although he has an older sister who lives in another city, because he did not have the resources to go there, he had to live on the streets begging for food since he finished second grade.

The boy abandoned by his loved ones had to leave school early, although Rommel assures that he always wanted to finish his studies again. This little boy has a great friendship with his dog and the photos of both have been around the internet and captivated the hearts of thousands of people around the world, after his story went viral on social networks.

Maria Kabs posted the photos of the boy and her dog on her Facebook account after she found them on the streets. The woman was so moved that she considered that she had to take a photo of her two great friends.

Abandoned boy finds comfort and friendship in a dog

abandoned boy finds comfort dog protects

The story that was released in 2018 went around the world with a photo of Rommel sleeping with his dog in his arms. In the midst of difficulties.

Rommel claims that he found comfort in Badgi, a homeless dog who also roamed the streets alone; Since then, they have become great friends and encourage each other to continue fighting for life.

abandoned boy finds comfort dog protects

Every day when Rommel asked for food, he shared it with his best friend and in return for this gesture Badgi always took care of his friend from other beggar children. Every night, the two friends snuggled and slept very close, trying to rest from the fatigue of the day they lived.

The unfortunate circumstances of these little beings who met and enlightened each other’s lives, offered both hope. It seems that together with Badgi, Rommel is not afraid of loneliness and being bullied, on his part, the puppy never cared if his friend was a tramp or a rich boy, love was enough for this canine.

abandoned boy finds comfort dog protects

According to Yan.vn, thanks to the efforts of many people and Maria’s viral post about his story with Badgi, little Rommel is attending classes and creating a better future with his great canine friend.

abandoned boy finds comfort dog protects

This little boy, regardless of everything that has happened in his short life, is still full of love, dreams and is happy with the great friendship that he has created with his faithful dog.

Images: Facebook / Maria Kabs

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