Abandoned Cat Was Thirsty and Tired, But Someone With a Kind Heart Saved Her

abandoned cat thirsty tired someone good heart rescue

On a very hot day, a keeper of the cat colony saw a new feline at the feeder. The cat immediately went to a bowl of water and began to drink from it, trying to relieve the heat.

The cat was panting heavily as she dipped her four paws into the water. That day, the temperatures were unbearably high and the desperate feline succumbed to heat stroke.

The caretaker tried to pull her out for help, but she struggled to get back into the water.

Abandoned cat thirsty and tired is saved

abandoned cat thirsty tired someone good heart rescue

Alina Lazaryeva, founder of Kuwait Animal Aid, acted immediately to arrange transport and a foster family for the cat to get her away from harsh street life and scorching heat.

Alina told Love Meow:

We found a volunteer to take Bubble (the cat) to a foster home. She was very nice from day one.
Alina Lazaryeva

Bubble continued to be as charming as she could be to everyone she met, despite her lethargy and various health issues. The relief on her face was evident as she realized she had a safe place to stay and someone who cared about her.

After hydrating and eating, Bubble lay down on her new bed to recover from the long nap she desperately needed. She was also treated for a respiratory infection and an upset stomach, but remained happy and eager to move on.

Aline said:

“All the while they fed her with syringes, gave her fluids and medicine. Her adoptive mother’s hard work finally paid off and she started eating on her own.”

abandoned cat thirsty tired someone good heart rescue

The more Bubble regained her health and strength, the more she wanted hugs and attention. Whenever her adoptive mother came to take care of her, the feline greeted her with soft heads.

Bubble became interested in exploring the house and watching her mother. She began to appreciate the presence of his, as it made her feel safe and calm.

abandoned cat thirsty tired someone good heart rescue

Bubble has always had a gentle and grateful character, as evidenced by her endless purrs and headbutts.

abandoned cat thirsty tired someone good heart rescue

Soon the adorable cat, along with other felines, will be transported to partner rescue organizations in the United States, where each of them should find a forever home.

The lovely feline will join the Friends for Life Rescue Network adoption program, where she is sure to be adopted by a loving family who will take care of her for the rest of her life.

Images: Instagram / kuwait_animal_aid

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