Two abandoned cats found curled up in cage outside shelter with touching note

abandoned cats curled up cage shelter note
Facebook / Brother Wolf Animal Rescue

Two cats were abandoned outside the headquarters of a homeless animal shelter. It would seem that the sight of other pets would anger the volunteers, but the contents of the note left next to the carrier provoked a slightly different reaction among the facility’s employees. The message of the letter from the former caregiver moved the activists. Judging by the words engraved on the carrier, she must have made a painful choice.

Two cats abandoned outside the shelter. There was a message from the owner on the carrier

A pet carrier was left in the shaded plaza in front of the Brother Wolf Animal Rescue headquarters. However, this was not a gift for the residents of the establishment. There were two adult female cats inside. They were well maintained and in good condition.

abandoned cats curled up cage shelter note
Facebook / Brother Wolf Animal Rescue
abandoned cats curled up cage shelter note
Facebook / Brother Wolf Animal Rescue

The carrier was placed in a highly visible location and the “heartbreaking news” caught the attention of volunteers who were the first to find the animals. A note engraved in black ink on the light material lining the transport cage leaves no doubt: separating from the cats must have been very difficult for the caregiver and was not the result of bad will.

Life can be unpredictable. “Mom can’t take care of me anymore”

abandoned cats curled up cage shelter note
Facebook / Brother Wolf Animal Rescue

“My name is Baby. My mommy can’t take care of me anymore. Please find me and my sister a new home. Thank you!” – Says the handwritten inscription on the box.

Brother Wolf Animal Rescue shared a post about the cats on social media, expressing sympathy and thanking the former caretaker for entrusting his animals to his team of volunteers, who were obviously much loved. The activists’ understanding approach, devoid of criticism and venomous judgments, has aroused the admiration of many Internet users.

“When we saw this note, it really struck us. There were tears,” said Brooke Fornea, director of marketing and customer services at Brother Wolf Animal Rescue, as quoted by “Fox News Digital”. – Our hearts were absolutely broken, both for the cats and for the person who had to abandon them. Animals are often left that way because of domestic violence or other emergencies, she added.”

Cat sisters have new homes

Although permanent separation from man’s four-legged friend seems like the worst possible scenario, many owners face this dilemma due to unforeseen circumstances. Remember, however, that entrusting a dog or cat to a shelter does not make you a bad person, provided that you are aware of your own limits and that the action is justified by the welfare of the animal . Providing your beloved pet with decent living conditions is definitely better than abandoning them and gives them a chance to live a happy life.

“We understand that you had no other choice and we hope all is well with you – write to the shelter representatives, making sure that the cat siblings are not in any danger.”

Without a doubt, the owner of the two cats wanted the story to have a happy ending. Since the animals were admitted to the facility, they have been given new names: Junebug and Magpie, loosely translated as Beetle and Magpie. Their age was estimated between 3 and 5 years old.

In the coming days, the cats were supposed to meet their potential owners, but according to the update posted on the shelter’s website, both cats have already been adopted. Together, of course, because they make a great couple.

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