Abandoned Dog in His Yard Can’t Believe He’s Finally Saved

abandoned dog backyard don't believe rescue

A neighbor called rescuers to report Beaker, a dog lying in an abandoned yard in Detroit. The chain had become stuck in his neck, injuring him, but veterinary intervention, along with the care of his rescuer, saved his life.

In an ideal world, animal rescuers shouldn’t exist. Unfortunately, as long as there are people who are cold and cruel to animals, the world will have spaces for those who seek to oppose them. Animal rescuers are there to solve the problems of those who are unable to even give their pets a modicum of dignity.

The story of Beaker, a half-breed dog that looks like a pit bull, is proof of this.

abandoned dog backyard don't believe rescue

Beaker came to the attention of a group of animal rescuers in his native Detroit, USA, when a neighbor called Rebel Dogs Detroit to report an unusual situation: In an abandoned yard behind his home, someone one had left a dog tied with a steel chain.

Rescuers arrived on the scene to find a frightened and shy dog. It was Becher.

abandoned dog backyard don't believe rescue

Little by little, they called him and convinced him to approach. Judging by the distance and distrust he showed them, this was a dog that had suffered a lot at the hands of people:

“Beaker was shy and cowered behind the garage to hide. He glanced over the side when I started calling him. When I approached, he started to wag his tail. Then he pushed his weight against us for us to pet him, and he looked visibly relieved.”

–Tiffany Perkins, Rebel Dogs Detroit volunteer for The Dodo

abandoned dog backyard don't believe rescue

The first thing they noticed as soon as Beaker approached them was that the dog had the steel chain stuck in its hide. The contact and friction with her for who knows how long ended up breaking her skin. Beaker himself was eager to share and work to regain his trust in people.

abandoned dog backyard don't believe rescue

Tiffany Perkins herself took him with her in her car, for veterinary help. What was not expected was that Beaker would immediately create a loving relationship with her:

“We had a lot of bonding time in the car waiting for him to work for over 5 hours. After a while he took a nap with his head on my lap.”

–Tiffany Perkins, Rebel Dogs Detroit volunteer for The Dodo

abandoned dog backyard don't believe rescue

In the end, Beaker was able to come out of his operation safely: the wound was not infected and he had not damaged any of his internal tissues. Today, he is in the care of the shelter, waiting for someone to adopt him and make him his beloved pet.

Images: Rebel Dogs Detroit

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