Dog Abandoned On Bridge Over Busy Road Learns To Trust People Again

abandoned dog bridge road learns to love people

A dog was abandoned on a bridge in Vietnam. They left him tied to the railing unable to move. Luckily, the bridge is in the middle of a busy road, so one person was able to observe the puppy and called a group of rescuers to help him.

The rescuers answered the call and did not hesitate to drive to where the dog was, but they had to travel a long way to get there.

When they arrived at the place, they could see that the road was very busy, the dog was alone, tied on the bridge and without receiving help.

Abandoned dog on a bridge gets another chance

abandoned dog bridge

Seeing how far away the dog was, the rescuers concluded that his previous owners left him there so that he could not return home. Wherever his former home was, it was now very far from him and he knew no one around him.

abandoned dog

For the puppy it was very strange to have changed his life so drastically, and he probably did not understand anything, but he was very affected and nervous. Also, he was on a bridge, with a strap around his neck, uncomfortably tied to the metal railing, exposed to the sun and water.

abandoned dog road

To top it off, a video shows that the makeshift leash was a hose that was tied in a way that prevented the dog from resting its head. The poor man was too shocked, lonely, afraid, and possibly very traumatized by living this painful ordeal and cruel type of abandonment.

abandoned dog on the bridge

The rescuers had a lot of work ahead of them, as they had to gain the trust of the dog in order to help him and get him to safety. Then one of them began to comfort the dog to get a little closer, but the animal was a bit elusive and scared.

Dog treats

However, he managed to untie her from the railing, and with a little kindness and several strokes, he managed to calm her down a bit. The man also gave him a couple of treats, which made the scared puppy trust him more.

Dog water

He even gave her some food and water to quench his thirst, no one knew how long he had been there, but he needed to hydrate. The dog perked up a bit and once the sadness subsided, it was time to take him to a safe and reliable place.

The rescuers took the dog to the facility of his organization, where he quickly began to enjoy all the green fields and comforts from him. In addition, he met other animals, received treatments, massages, and now he plays almost all day, as if he knows that there are still people he can love.

happy rescued dog

Without a doubt, the rescue of this dog ended up being a success, since the results are remarkable, because the animal has a life as it deserves it.

Images: Youtube

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