Dog Abandoned in Shelter Because Owners Thought He Was Gay

abandoned dog shelter owners thought he was gay

Fezco is a 5-year-old puppy who rose to fame because his owners left him in a shelter just out of fear that he was gay. Apparently, the dog’s previous owners saw him ride another male dog, so they concluded he was gay.

Intrigued by his behavior, they decided to put him in the care of Stanly County Animal Humane Services, a shelter in Albermale, North Carolina. There, the workers were surprised by his story, as mounting another dog is common canine behavior and does not define his sexual nature.

However, they accepted him and the dog quickly showed himself to be very kind to the people and other animals at the shelter.

Dog abandoned in shelter because they thought he was gay

abandoned dog shelter owners thought he was gay

In order to find him a new home, the staff decided to post his story on Facebook, and soon a couple wanted to adopt him.

Steve Nichols and his partner John decided to adopt Fezco after learning about his sad story and why his former family had abandoned him.

abandoned dog shelter owners thought he was gay

According to Steve, when they saw Fezco they felt an immediate connection to him and his story, as they too had experienced discrimination at some point in their lives.

Steve told TMZ:

“We’ve been discriminated against in our lives. So, we ran…and we got elected.”

abandoned dog shelter owners thought he was gay

Furthermore, he said that the former owners of Fezco were not only intolerant, but also did not take good care of the dog, as he suffered from heartworm disease. Luckily, his new parents took him to the vet, where they will medically treat all his health issues, until he is fully recovered.

Steve and John are engaged forever to Fezco, which incidentally already has a new name after Irish poet Oscar Wilde.

Now Oscar and his new family just hope he recovers soon so he can visit his new home.

abandoned dog shelter owners thought he was gay

The couple have another dog named Harry, who will likely be there to help cheer up his new sibling.

Oscar will soon be enjoying his new life, alongside a family that will love him forever.

Images: Steve Nichols

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