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The abandoned dogs did everything they could to keep warm. They only had one blanket and each other

The founder of the Lonan’s Legacy organization told “The Dodo” about an intervention she participated in some time ago. She received very disturbing news that someone had abandoned three dogs in the street. The animals definitely didn’t know what to do with themselves and their concern for each other was touching.

This time, Suzette Hall had to help rescue not one, but three abandoned and terrified dogs. Everything indicated that the owner had abandoned him without the slightest hesitation and had absolutely no concern for his fate.

Someone abandoned not one, but three helpless dogs

An anonymous person from the neighborhood where the abandoned dogs were found contacted Suzette’s organization and informed them of the situation. According to him, the animals were simply thrown into the street by their then owners. However, the “generous” people left them a blanket on which the dogs felt at least a little more confident thanks to the familiar smells.

Additionally, there was a box right next to the dogs, but there was no trace of food or water in it. It was as if living, helpless creatures had completely stopped caring about their former owners.

The dogs were trembling with fear

When representatives from Lonan’s Legacy arrived on site, the sight of the terrified and shaking dogs broke their hearts into a million pieces. The animals did not move, as if they believed that their guardians would come back to pick them up where they had left them. Although the residents of the estate tried to catch them for several days, they did not let them get close to them, so all hope rested on the rescuers.

“No one could touch them. They ran and hid, then came back,” says Hall, quoted by The Dodo.

Residents of neighboring houses made sure to provide them with food and a bowl of water. However, the intervention of specialists was necessary to catch them.

This rescue operation was definitely not the simplest

When Hall arrived, the three of them were huddled under a blanket, as if trying to stay warm after the recent storm that had hit California. Although it wasn’t easy, after several dozen attempts, she managed to catch the animals in humane cages that she placed in the car. Then she accompanied them directly to the veterinary clinic. The dogs’ names were: Naomi, Adam and Jacob. Fortunately, it turned out that the abandoned elderly dogs were safe and sound, apart from dental work.

Everything indicates that nothing prevents you from looking for accommodation for them. The woman does not hide that she is looking for people with very good hearts who will offer them the best possible rest of their dogs’ lives.

“I wish they would stay together because they are so attached to each other. You could say they treat each other like family. They just love each other a lot,” the woman admits.

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