Abandoned in the middle of a pandemic, this dog is looking for a new family


A woman found this dog named Lincoln waiting for someone to give him a new home when he was abandoned in the middle of the pandemic.

Last week, a woman in Orlando, Florida, found this defenseless dog named ‘Lincoln’ gagged and tied to a tree on a leash while waiting for someone to give him the opportunity to be part of a new home, just like the person who loved it the most.

The brown and white fur pit bull had a note next to it where the person who abandoned it wrote that he had decided to leave for California because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The woman did not hesitate to help her and contacted the Pittie Party of Central Florida (TPPCF).

The note said:

“I’m going to live in California to be with my mother and my brother during this pandemic. Please take care of Lincoln or find him a good home. I entrust you to my baby. Sorry”.

Lincoln Abandoned dog pandemic

Mayson Jones, a TPPCF volunteer, rushed over and brought Lincoln home, where he tried to make him relax and stop thinking about the desertion.

Jones told The Dodo:

“He looked a little confused and he was looking around the yard for a while. But Lincoln finally calmed down and played with me and seemed happy.”

Lincoln Abandoned dog pandemic

Unfortunately, many other dogs are abandoned in Florida and shelters are looking for shelters and volunteers.

Lincoln Abandoned dog pandemic

In this situation, many shelters have had to sacrifice dogs who cannot quickly find a home.

Lincoln Abandoned dog pandemic

Similarly, when they are completely full, people who come to leave their animals there do not succeed and decide to abandon them on the street.

Lincoln Abandoned dog pandemic

Lincoln is currently receiving a lot of love from his foster family, who take care of him and analyze the legal aspects of what happened. In addition, we hope that it will soon be ready to be part of a new home.

Lincoln Abandoned dog pandemic

Jones said:

“He likes balls and any type of toy he can chew. He is very affectionate. He likes people, men, women, children and is not reserved.

Without a doubt, Lincoln needs someone who wants to love him for the rest of his life, because like all animals, he is very precious and does not deserve to go through this kind of situation.

For additional information, the WHO has stated that pets do not spread COVID-19, and have been shown to help people feel happy.

Photos: Mayson Jones

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