Little Abandoned Kitten Prays For Adoption And Family Takes Drastic Decision [Video]

Little Abandoned Kitten

A viral video on Facebook shows the touching moment when a kitten begs to be adopted by a family; However, they made a decision that thousands of users sentenced on social networks.

You have to see it. Through Facebook thousands of Internet users were very moved after seeing a heart-breaking viral video in which a kitten appears begging a woman to adopt him and give him a home. The woman decided to share this video and it has become viral in social networks, being a trend in many countries.

As revealed on Facebook, a young woman went with her husband to an animal shelter and noticed the presence of a small kitten, who was trying to get her attention. When approaching his cage, the pussycat did something incredible that already moves the whole world.

The young woman decided to share this video on social networks, to serve as an example and other people are encouraged to adopt these small animals.

The woman could not contain her tears to see that this animal tried to receive a little love, then share it on Facebook. The pussycat had lost his mother very early and had arrived at the shelter few weeks ago.

The woman said on Facebook that the animal saw her and wanted to approach her to receive a little affection. Seeing this heart-breaking scene, the woman did not hesitate to take him home and give him a new home. The little animal now lives next to this young couple, who have turned him into a member of his family.

“I hope this video is useful for other people to adopt these little angels, who make our lives happy,” said the woman on Facebook, a social network where thousands were moved by the scene.

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