An Abandoned Pit Bull In The Subway Looks At Everyone Who Passes By Hoping That Someone Will Help Her (VIDEO)

abandoned pit bull subway looks everyone hoping help

A pit bull was abandoned at the New York train station in the middle of rush hour, and while hundreds of people saw her, only one made a difference, only one was able to help the frightened and terrified animal, tied to the subway platform.

Hundreds of people were briskly walking to catch trains at Brooklyn’s Atlantic Terminal, not bothering to stop to help the dog tied to a railing.

The dog was abandoned at the station and had apparently recently become a mother.She was wearing a spiked collar and had a garbage bag on one side, which gave the idea that someone had put her there as if it were a bed.

“It was determined that she had been there for at least an hour and no one had called the police or animal control,” said Marisa Grimshaw of Mr. Bones & Co. “So we can only imagine how many people walked past her and I’m sure they didn’t think it was normal, but they didn’t feel obligated to stop and help her.”

But someone did not follow his path and saw the animal in need among all these people and decided to help him.

Sarah borok saw the dog and refused to leave her alone, even if she was on her way to work. She called the police, who arrived quickly and they called animal control, but the woman waited with the dog.

A dog was abandoned on the subway

The animal was taken to an animal shelter in Brooklyn, and the staff gave it a name – Betsey.

“Betsey was shy,” Marisa notes. “But the shelter staff had no concerns about his behavior. She wagged her tail, made the other dogs smell her.”

abandoned pit bull subway looks everyone hoping help
Mr. Bones & Co

And most importantly, Betsey has not forgotten the first friend she made in New York. She hasn’t forgotten Sarah. “Betsey was delighted to see her again the next day at the shelter and certainly remembered her,” says Marisa, when Sarah visited Betsey at the shelter.

According to Marisa, it seems that Betsey was a dog used for profit, she was used for breeding and then abandoned without remorse.

“We have no idea where her puppies are,” says Marisa. “But we have no doubt that it was used to raise puppies and that they are probably being sold.”

At only 2 years old, Betsey seems to have had several litters for a heartless human to earn money without having to work.

“She has pressure sores in all her joints,” says Marisa. “His paws are stained as if he had lived in dirt or dirt. Her nails are so long that it is uncomfortable for her to walk on the sidewalk.”

abandoned pit bull subway looks everyone hoping help
Mr. Bones & Co

Sarah and Mr. Bones & Co helped Betsey, took him out of the shelter and urgently found him a foster family. But Sarah wanted to spend the first night with Betsey before going to the temporary house.

abandoned pit bull subway looks everyone hoping help
Mr. Bones & Co

Betsey is looking for a forever home

The next day, Betsey was transferred to the temporary home, but she is still looking for a forever home, she needs a family that understands that Betsey is new to be someone’s dog.

Marisa says to understand “that she has had very few experiences in life and that you should be ready to take it easy with her.”

Betsey does not know how to walk on a leash, she is even confused by toys and treats.

abandoned pit bull subway looks everyone hoping help
Mr. Bones & Co

This dog will gradually be able to learn what the love of a family means. “She is very nice,” says Marisa. “She allows every person she meets to pet her and is always looking forward to pets from all over the world. He lights up when he sees other dogs and wags his tail.”

abandoned pit bull subway looks everyone hoping help
Mr. Bones & Co

Betsey still needs help to improve her health condition, she needs surgery to remove an abscess in her eye, if you want to help her contact Mr. Bones & Co on Facebook.

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