“My heart is breaking with pain.” They first abandoned the puppy in the cage, then they sat at the Christmas Eve table.

abandoned puppy cage

This year’s Christmas Eve was not filled with joy and pleasant surprises everywhere. One of the residents of Tomaszów Mazowiecki found an abandoned puppy in the stairwell. The little child was tied to the railing. Activists call for help. They want a person who treats a living creature like an object to face appropriate consequences. The internet has gone crazy.

Christmas eve wasn’t a good time for everyone

They say that Christmas Eve is a magical time when there is no room for bad things. Unfortunately, it turns out that this common belief has little to do with the truth. This was experienced by a little dog who learned that day what people are capable of. Even those who should keep him calm and safe.

The macabre event took place in Tomaszów Mazowiecki, in a building on Polna Street. One of the local residents, while on his way to Christmas Eve dinner, came across an abandoned puppy. The animal was tied to a railing near the stairs and “equipped” with a layette consisting of a bed, a bowl and several other animal supplies wrapped in plastic netting.

Activists ask for help in identifying puppy’s owner

The abandoned dog was found by someone who decided to ensure its safety. Local activists from the Foundation for Injured Animals helped secure it. The profile titled “Kocie Mruki”, run by one of the volunteers, describes the unfolding of the intervention to save a homeless child. The animal was entrusted to the care of employees of the homeless animal shelter in Tomaszów Mazowiecki. Every such action is difficult and filled with sadness and regret. However, stories set at Christmas tend to be particularly cruel. Animal rights activists are doing all they can to establish the identity of the person who decided to leave the puppy to his fate in the stairwell. That’s why they posted a message on social media asking for help:

“If anyone knows the owner of the dog, or if anyone has recently given the dog to someone else, please let me know, as abandonment is a punishable offense and I will exterminate it as long as I I will have the strength.”

Many people expressed their willingness to help. Activists stress that one should not act impulsively

The story of the abandoned puppy moved many Internet users. In response to the enormous interest in the plight of the injured toddler, Kocich Mruki activists published an article describing what was happening to the dog:

“The puppy is a girl, everything seems fine with her”

Many people have expressed their desire to help the puppy immediately. However, activists have no plans to immediately hand the puppy over to other people, even though a shelter is not where he should grow up. They justified their decision factually:

“There have been many offers of immediate adoption, but preferably without procedures or documents. “I can take it today, everything will be fine.” (…). We appreciate your willingness to help, but we do not support impulsive action. A few formal points need to be clarified, the little one needs to be examined, dewormed, microchipped and we need some time to check out the new home.”

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