Puppy Abandoned In Cardboard Box On Beach Finds New Life

abandoned puppy cardboard box beach receives new opportunity

This adorable puppy abandoned in a box on a beach finds a new life and now has a loving family.

Several puppies were found abandoned to their fate in a cardboard box on Lucia Beach, Puerto Rico, also known as Dead Dog Beach. Unfortunately named for being a place where unwanted pets are often left behind.

Luckily, these adorable dogs didn’t meet the same fate as many others abandoned there, as they were found by the Sato Project team, who are dedicated to improving the lives of abandoned and abused animals in Porto Rico.

Rescuing them took time and a lot of patience, because you had to gain their trust, because if the rescuers approached and couldn’t hold them back on the first try, the dogs could run and get lost among the 800 acres that the range measurements.

Abandoned puppy in a box on the beach is rescued

rescued puppy

So, the best way to reach them was to let the dogs take the lead and approach slowly for feeding and petting.

Finally, when all the puppies were safe and in the care of volunteers, they joined 120 other dogs rescued by The Sato Project, who would be airlifted to different locations in search of a better life.

animal rescue team

Among those puppies was Remy, who arrived in New York to meet her new family, who were eagerly awaiting her. Once in his new home, Remy adapted quickly and realized that his life on the streets was a thing of the past.

Now this brave pup is waiting for a life full of love with all the care it deserves after its difficult start.

Abandoned puppy in a box gets a new lease on life

Like this, there are many other cases where the Sato project has made a difference. This great team saved as many lives as possible, and while the work of lifeguards can be overwhelming, seeing the outcome of every story, like Remy’s, makes all the effort worth it.

puppy in the snow

Now Remy is enjoying his new life with his loving family, he is living fantastic adventures and his parents thank him every day for his presence in their lives.

The family wrote on their Instagram account:

Remy is the most adorable pup and constantly makes us laugh with her playful and fun personality. She, like so many dogs, only needs one chance: a little love, shelter, food, necessities, and they give you lots of love and gratitude in return. We can’t imagine our lives without this sassy jerk. How anyone could drop him in a box on a beach is beyond me.

Don’t forget that if you want to support the work of the Sato Project, you can visit their social networks and their official website, where you can donate.

Images: Instagram / remythesatopuppy


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