War Dog Abandoned By Russians Switches Sides After Being Rescued From Certain Death By Ukrainian Troops

abandoned war dog russians switch sides rescued ukrainian troops

For several months, the war in Ukraine has intensified and thousands of people have volunteered to defend their country. Obviously, the animals were also very supportive throughout this process, many of them working alongside the Ukrainian soldiers to save the lives of many civilians and boost the morale of their fellow human beings.

In all that happens daily among the Ukrainian troops, a new recruit and perhaps the most unexpected of all has managed to catch the attention of thousands of people around the world, a former pet dog of Russian soldiers who has “changed sides” after being rescued by Ukrainian troops.

This is Max, a 3-year-old Belgian Malinois, who was originally part of the Russian troops. The dog was found near death, starving and all alone in an area that has seen some of the worst fighting since the start of the war.

War dog abandoned by Russian troops switches sides

War dog abandoned by Russians changes sides after being rescued by Ukrainian troops

The dog was cared for by Ukrainian troops and has since been trained to understand Ukrainian and is now a specialist in detecting booby traps and unexploded mines.

A member of the Ukrainian National Guard named Dmitry told the Daily Star:

From now on, Max will serve on the right side, defending Ukraine and munching on Russian asses.

War dog abandoned by the Russians is rescued by Ukrainian troops

The truth is that the troops were surprised to see the dog abandoned to its fate; not only was it something inhuman, but they also consider war dogs to be valuable, they are already fully trained and generally have a strong bond with their companions.

The soldier added:

Max has become a real favorite among the guards. We cannot understand why the Russians would leave behind such an adorable animal. Ukrainians love dogs, they consider them part of the family.

War dog abandoned by the Russians

Apparently, Max was part of the Kremlin troops who had captured a village in the Mykolaiv region near the Black Sea. The dog was apparently abandoned when Mad Vlad’s forces retreated and survived during this time by eating spoiled food.

Abandoned war dog is rescued by Ukrainian troops

Max’s story is certainly amazing, and the Ukrainian troops seem happy that the dog made the right decision by joining the team as a new member, and are proud to welcome this adorable new recruit.

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