About Pets Feed: The Cats & Dogs Website

Pets Feed is an online platform dedicated to pets. We talk about cats, dogs, their news, health, feeding, advice and facts.

Are you a dog owner? Or a “cat lover”? Then the petsfeed.co website was created especially for you. Our focus is on pets, as well as everything related to their care and wellbeing.

At Pets Feed, we work with clear objectives:


We strive every day to publish useful and quality content, which allows us to help all our readers to become real animal experts and to inform in order to improve the current situation of the animal world by fighting against abandonment, abuse and exploitation.

Think about the fact that raising a pet is, first of all, raising ourselves. We gain special experiences that help us become wiser, more caring, more attentive, and more tolerant. Scientists at the University of California are sure that no pet is capable of developing negative qualities in a person, but all animals help us acquire new positive character traits.