Abused dog frozen in fear – how a woman’s love transforms him moves him to tears

Abused dog frozen in fear

Bruno the pit bull was so terrified after being rescued from a terrible situation that he refused to move and had to be pulled in with a blanket. So, when Angela, an animal rescuer, came to pick him up, he literally had to drag him to her car.

Angela knew she had to take it very slowly with Bruno if she wanted to overcome her fear. He helped untie her by trying to build trust and giving her the love she had never known before.

At first, Bruno cowered in fear of human contact. He pulled his tail tightly under him and always crouched when someone approached him. Bruno just didn’t know how to behave around people.

Abused dog frozen in fear

Fortunately, food proved to be a great motivator for him and he began accepting Angela’s reward bites. Bruno made small improvements every day until one day he started wagging his tail and became more and more curious about the world around him.

The animal welfare organization that rescued him also ensured that Bruno received the necessary medical care during his recovery and rehabilitation under Angela’s loving care. They later learned that Bruno suffered not only from fear paralysis, but also from severe arthritis, which also contributed to his inability to walk.

During his recovery, Bruno received frequent visits from Carla and Geoff, a couple who eventually adopted him into their loving home!

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