Abused dog thanks rescuers with hug – video

Abused dog thanks rescuers with hug
YouTube / Diamond Paws

Sophie, the five-year-old dog, was found in the middle of a landfill in Tijuana, Mexico, in mid-February. Sophie was lying on a dirty, torn blanket among the trash, her body covered in wounds. The dog was used by its “owner” for breeding, then as a bait dog, and when it was no longer needed, he simply threw it away.

Sophie received numerous injuries from dog fighting and all of her teeth were crushed so she couldn’t defend herself.

Abused dog thanks rescuers with hug

Luckily, a woman found him and immediately took him to the vet. Spas, medications and lots of love and care helped heal physical and mental wounds. Despite what she’s been through, Sophie enjoys the company of humans, snuggling up to everyone she meets.

Unfortunately, because of past experiences, he is afraid of dogs and when he sees one, he hides or clings to a person’s leg.

Abused dog thanks rescuers with hug
YouTube / Diamond Paws

The volunteers didn’t want Sophie to live in fear, so they signed her up with a canine psychologist. Sophie is currently following a trainer to learn to live with other dogs. Of course, if the professionals notice that Sophie is uncomfortable, they stop the session for the day.

Until Sophie fully recovers, she is cared for by volunteers. Sophie feels she owes a lot of gratitude, which is why she often shows her gratitude to volunteers. He now has a bright future ahead of him and his rescuers are confident he will soon find a loving home.

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