They adopted a new pet. The dog’s reaction went viral on the internet, it definitely wasn’t what they expected

adopted new pet dog reaction went viral
Youtube / The Dodo

Roman is a charming dog adopted by a woman named Jessica. His guardian makes no secret of the fact that even though he is the best pet in the world and wouldn’t trade him for another, he certainly doesn’t know what caution means. However, his behavior changed a hundred and eighty degrees when a new pet joined their family.

Roman is a large dog with a wonderful and docile character. The animal made its owners fall in love with it, but after a while it turned out that another animal would live in their house. His reaction to his new companion is devastating.

The dog saw his new pet for the first time

Jessica was considering adopting a rabbit from a breeder. However, she was afraid that her dog might unknowingly hurt him. After all, he had recently joined his family and had probably never had anything to do with the squirming little creatures before.

Despite her fears, she decided to give Roman and a rabbit named Sugar a chance. The big day has finally arrived where the two will see each other for the first time. The woman’s emotions were high, but she hoped that the two men would find a common language, even though they belong to completely different species.

The rabbit receives a new “toy”, it is several times bigger than him and he barks

Of course, Roman and Sugar saw each other for the first time under the supervision of a caregiver and with all the precautions taken. The rabbit was in his cage and only left it when there was no dog nearby. They both reacted in a surprisingly calm manner.

Above all, their guardian did not want the new ward to be afraid of an animal much larger than him, because his heart might not be able to handle it. However, one day, a smart dog sneaked into the room where Sugar was. What happened next was incredible. Luckily, Jessica quickly grabbed her phone and recorded his reaction.

The dog is crazy about the rabbit

Roman started running around the house with the joy of having a pet. Their caregiver’s concerns proved completely unnecessary. It didn’t take long for them to become best friends. The dog loved to lie on the ground and the white rabbit would climb on him and cuddle him with its fluffy fur.

Even though Roman is much taller than Sugar, he knows exactly how to act around her. He never did anything that could hurt her. Interestingly, the rabbit does not like to be touched or hugged by its caregiver, but it does not mind contact with a dog. As if two pets weren’t enough, Jessica told “The Dodo” that a cat also joined their duo. He assures that the bond that developed between the three is unique.

adopted new pet dog reaction went viral
Youtube / The Dodo

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