An Adorable Dog Finally Adopted After Spending More Than 3 Years In A Shelter

adorable adopted dog spent 3 years shelter

“Cami” is an adorable four-year-old pit bull mix who arrived at the Saint Frances Animal Center, USA, when she was very young. But despite her kindness and playfulness, no one took an interest in her the whole time she was there.

The case was so bizarre that neither the shelter’s main adoption coordinator, Ashley S. Miller, nor the shelter workers know why Cami has always been overlooked.

adorable adopted dog spent 3 years shelter

“She’s a super sweet girl who loves having her tummy rubbed. She’s spent most of her days here at the shelter sunbathing in a playground, taking long walks and hugging the staff,” Ashley said. at Daily Paws.

Despite being incredibly affectionate, the dog spent a total of 1,248 days in the place, becoming the animal that spent the longest time there. All this until Addie Nelson came to the center to adopt a dog.

adorable adopted dog spent 3 years shelter

“As soon as Mrs. Nelson saw Cami, she immediately fell in love with her. We met her and Cami, and not even five minutes later Mrs. Nelson told me it was her,” Kalanie said. Player, the center’s adoption counselor.

According to reports, the dog used to be more fearful when meeting new people, but for some reason her reaction was totally different when she saw Addie. ‘When he met Ms Nelson he ran and rolled over on his back to get a stomach massage,’ they said.

adorable adopted dog spent 3 years shelter

“Everyone cried with joy when she finally found her furry home. We could all tell that Cami and Mrs. Nelson had a very special bond and chose each other.”

Images: Facebook / Saint Frances Animal Center

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