This adorable Pit bull served as live bait, life without suffering did not exist for him. This is how he reacted when he got his own cover

adorable Pit bull bait cover

Bub is a pit bull who hasn’t had an easy past. It has been used as live bait in dog fights. Fortunately, he found a kind-hearted man and by his side he understood how beautiful the love of a guardian is. In his new home, he tries to show his gratitude almost every day, which steals his owner’s heart even more.

Although pit bulls have a bad reputation, some representatives of this breed meticulously prove that it all depends on how they are handled and treated by people. Bub was very lucky that after a difficult experience, he found himself in the care of a person who changed his life one hundred and eighty degrees.

Pit bull was hurt not only physically but also emotionally

Bub ended up at the shelter when he was taken from his former owners. He was definitely not a friend of the family in this house. He had a job – he was bait in organized illegal dogfights. When he was taken away from the torturers, not only was he very thin and injured, but his health was certainly not in the best condition.

It was obvious to the naked eye that the animal was suffering not only from its injuries, but also from the way people had treated it. Until now, he had never known true love from a tutor and had no idea how strong a bond could be between them.

The dog’s life was finally about to change for the better

Bub spent some time at the shelter, where he was not only waiting for a new home, but also recovering. Finally, a man came forward and said he would adopt the dog. Unfortunately, it soon turned out that he didn’t have the best intentions for her.

He spent most of his time alone, locked in the garage. The caretaker explained that he had much less time for the dog than expected. However, this was definitely not the life a cute, injured dog deserved.

He finally got what he long deserved

Eventually, Bub found himself in the care of a woman named Katharine. Then something happened that he had probably dreamed of for a long time. She knew right away that she needed a lot of hard work and patience to make the pit bull understand that people wanted the best for him. He quickly learned that his safe space is in the kennel cage, where he spends time when his guardians are away from home. There were his favorite pillows and blankets.

“I let him out of his cage one morning. He left, then turned around and came back, grabbed his blanket and pulled it. He just smiled, wiggled his whole body, and sniffled like a little pig.

This is how Bub’s love for blankets was born. Over time, he began to bring them or other items to his guardians. It was as if he wanted to thank them for their kindness. Interestingly, their second dog – Simon began to behave similarly. Katharine bursts with happiness when her pets are waiting for her with gifts in their mouths when she returns home.

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