The adorable pup is unable to handle the hiccups. The effects of his struggles amuse to tears

adorable pup hiccups

Hiccups are not a dangerous symptom, you should not be afraid of them, although there is no doubt that they are annoying and bother you most often when you least expect them. The pup was clearly surprised when he first got the hiccups. His reaction was so comedic that the caregiver quickly pulled out his phone and recorded it, then shared it online. Although the dog certainly wasn’t laughing at the time, the video now has over 62 million views.

Buck is an 8-week-old puppy of the little-known Lancashire Heeler breed, classified as a herding dog. Just like a newborn, a dog discovers life and experiences new phenomena every day. The one that clearly surprised him was the first hiccup. When this happened to him, he seemed to wonder “What’s inside me!?”.

The puppy decided to scare away the hiccups. His behavior amuses Internet users around the world!

Buck had his first hiccup while traveling by car. Of course, his tutor was at his side. However, the confused animal clearly did not know what was happening to him.

The puppy was so afraid of noises coming from inside that he even started to growl and bark as if to chase away the annoying hiccups. Although he was clearly bothered, his pretty face won’t let you take your eyes off him, and the sweetness of the whole situation is only added by a soft purr.

So far, the recording of little Buck battling his first hiccups has reached millions of internet users! Rest assured, this is one of the cutest and funniest things you’ll see today! The staggering number of 62.5 million views is the best proof of the veracity of these words.

Dog hiccups: where does it come from?

As all dog owners have managed to notice, hiccups also occur in our four-legged friends. It affects both puppies and adults. Although this disease may seem insignificant, even – as in Buck’s case – even hilarious, it should not always be underestimated. Although this is generally not life threatening, it is a valuable clue for the owner of a furry dog.

The purpose of hiccups is to protect against the aspiration or expulsion of a foreign body from the airways. These are rhythmic contractions of the diaphragm and intercostal muscles, just like in humans. Generally, its attack lasts a few minutes and disappears on its own. Most often he encounters puppies who learn all the functions of life and adapt to the world around them.

It is worth knowing that one of the most common causes of hiccups in a dog is too greedy food or drink, when a large amount of air enters the stomach. It can also be caused by water entering the airways and strong emotional arousal. Remember, however, that if your pet is clearly short of breath due to hiccups or if it occurs very often or lasts a long time, you must consult a veterinarian.

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