Grateful Rescue Dog Can’t Stop Hugging Everyone He Meets

rescued dog kiss everyone

Toro is a charming 5-year-old rescue dog who lives at Hempstead Animal Shelter in New York, USA. The dog was found chained up in an abandoned house about a year ago. Rescuers believed he had lived outdoors all his life and because of this it would be difficult for him to adjust to his new surroundings.

Melissa Fogarty, kennel and placement supervisor at the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter, recalls that when Toro arrived he was quite nervous and hiding in his own shell from people.

Over time, the animal’s personality has completely changed and now he likes to hug everyone he meets.

Melissa told The Dodo:

“When he first arrived, he was very nervous and closed off. He’s become more comfortable with the people he’s used to, but he’s still a bit nervous in the shelter environment.”

The dog keeps hugging people he meets

rescued dog kiss everyone

Toro seemed like a nervous kid at first, but he quickly taught his rescuers all the love he could give and kept cuddling whenever the opportunity presented itself.

Melissa believes she was one of the first people to get hugs from Toro after taking one of his walks to learn how to socialize.

rescued dog kiss everyone

Melissa says:

“The hug happened probably within 15 minutes of being dropped on our side playground. She just crawled up to me, climbed into my lap and snuggled into my chest…from there, she grew up and now she hugs all her friends here.”

The friendly dog is still nervous at the shelter, but he also knows he’s safe. He has a roof, food and he is grateful for all that, and he knows how to show it at every opportunity.

Melissa says that as soon as she leaves the kennel, Toro hugs any volunteers in her path or anyone who gets in her way.

rescued dog kiss everyone

Toro was adopted in January, but unfortunately returned to the shelter the following week because he didn’t seem like a good fit. He is still waiting for a permanent home to give all the love he has and lots of hugs.

rescued dog kiss everyone

This rescue dog needs a place where he can provide discipline and structure with lots of love. He still needs training and learning the basic house rules; it would be very favorable if his nervous personality became the only pet in the house.

After a year, Toro is more than ready to find the perfect home; His rescuers still can’t fathom that such a sweet dog hasn’t been chosen by a family yet.

Melissa added:

“Honestly, I don’t think he was adopted because he’s a middle-aged pit bull who lives in a busy municipal shelter. He gets lost in this sea of dogs who don’t look well in their kennel.”

rescued dog kiss everyone

We’re sure Toro will soon find the right place to receive love and give all those hugs he still has to offer. This adorable furry one will surely have a real home for him where he will be very happy.

rescued dog kiss everyone

If you are interested in Toro’s story and the work the shelter does, you can visit his account on Facebook and Instagram.

Images: Instagram / adopt_calvin_and_friends

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