This Adventurous Schnauzer Loves Paragliding With His Master

adventure loving schnauzer loves to fly paragliding

This adorable, adventure-loving schnauzer pup loves paragliding with his adoptive dad and is already an expert.

34-year-old Alex likes to involve his adorable six-year-old schnauzer companion, Stan, in all of his adventures, even taking him paragliding with him. The man, who is an IT entrepreneur, decided to take his boyfriend on his flights after seeing how excited Stan was to see him fly.

Much like searching the internet, Alex, who lives in North Yorkshire, England, found a company that could make a custom harness for Stan and slowly got him used to wearing it, getting him ready for his big day. adventure.

Alex told Metro UK:

Stan is used to being surrounded by paragliders taking off and landing, so the sights and sounds don’t affect him. I showed him his harness, which attaches securely to mine, a few times before it does not fly.

Adorable schnauzer enjoys paragliding with his owner

Lovable adventurous puppy

Alex added:

Then on his first flight, I plugged him in and we were off. I watched him closely and praised him throughout the flight and couldn’t see any signs of fear or fear. I landed after a few minutes, released him and it seemed fine, so we had two slightly longer flights that day. Once we were airborne, Stan was practically resting on my knees, inside his harness.

The pair of friends flew over Marske-by-the-Sea and a hill near Kettlewell in the UK’s Yorkshire Dales.

Alex assures:

I have a paragliding wing and harness for myself and one for Stan, which is a custom dog harness. All the equipment is made from extremely strong materials by professional manufacturers, much like the equipment skydiving.

This adventure-loving schnauzer loves paragliding

According to his father, Stan is very laid back and obedient in most situations except when he sees a squirrel. Alex remembers spending hours training him as a puppy and now they have an extremely strong bond.


The man adds:

He goes where I go. He has a good life and spends a lot of time outdoors taking long walks in the Yorkshire Dales and the North York Moors.

puppy in the woods

Stan is actually an adventurous dog and enjoys every activity he does with his foster dad. This guy doesn’t like to stay indoors for long.

Finally, Alex says:

People are quite surprised when they see us paragliding together and most people have never seen anything like this before. It’s a surprise for most.

Images: Instagram/ acro__al


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