An Adventurous Cat Joins Its Owner On Bike Rides And Sits On His Shoulders

adventurous cat joins owner rides bike

This adorable, adventurous cat joins her human on fun bike rides and sits on her shoulders.

Kyle Kana’iaupuni Robertson likes to take fabulous bike rides with an unusual but lovable companion. The man is always accompanied everywhere by his 13-month-old Russian blue tabby cat named Pōhaku.

Kyle usually uses a special leash to carry Pōhaku wherever he goes, as this boy doesn’t like being separated from his favorite human for a second. The man says he moved with his cat from London to Sheffield, South Yorks during the pandemic.

Since then, they have enjoyed long walks in the local park near their residence, and their adventures have not stopped, often taking long walks in the Peak District and hoping to take their first camping trip soon.

Adventurous cat joins owner on bike rides

Feline and his human

Kyle told Metro UK:

He’s not like a well-behaved dog, more like a companion. But the aim is, once it gets a little warmer, to spend a few nights in the Peak District with him.

Kitten wears a harness in the woods

Kyle had previously lived in London years ago and remembers that when he met Pō, as he usually calls his cat, he fell head over heels in love with the little feline.

Kyle recalls:

When I picked him up, all the other kitties were rushing under the sofas. But he came running out and attacked me on the foot, and he ran across the room, and I felt like I knew that he was the one I was going to take home.

man and his cat

The man started putting a harness on Pō while he was home, so the little one would get used to using it, shortly after the pair of friends took their first walk in the outside.

Kyle says:

When I first took him to the garden, he was mesmerized by his surroundings rather than wanting to take his harness off. Then I realized there was a dog-free zone in the park near my house. , so I took him there in his basket, opened it up and sat down next to him to see if he wanted to get out.

kitty with harness

When the man saw that his cat was comfortable with his walks in the park, he decided to extend his excursions to other places and for longer durations.

The man added:

We went from the park to the Peak District quite quickly. It’s not like going for a hike with a dog or anything like that, it’s more like he’s having fun. He jogs too, but it’s like his time.

Kyle adds:

Recently, I dropped him off my head, and he just follows me, and sometimes he runs in front. The first time he did it, I wasn’t sure if it was okay, so I stopped and waited. He just, he turned around, and he mewed at me, like, “Come on!” So, I said, “Great!

adventurous cat

Now Pō’s new favorite activity is to go for a bike ride enjoying the landscapes and the breeze on his father’s shoulders, after that the cat lover decided to buy a truck to continue his adventures with her feline with plans for the future.

Man and his cat on a bicycle

Finally, Kyle said:

It would involve having a litter box with me in the truck at night, but that’s okay, it would be worth it. It would open up new doors in terms of adventure.

Images: Instagram / po_in.the.peak


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