Affenpinscher | Dog Breed Information & Facts


The Affenpinscher dog is a very striking small breed. It has an ancient history compared to other dog breeds and a very particular and dilapidated appearance which contributed to the popular myth according to which it comes from the monkey. This friendly animal is a faithful companion for people with a moderately active lifestyle.


This breed is highly given to its human family and its size is ideal for small spaces. With an education always reinforced in the positive and the discipline, the dog Affenpinscher is an incomparable companion. Its maintenance level is much lower than it seems and its health and longevity are excellent.

With such a name, it is surely easy for us to imagine that we are dealing with one of the breeds of dogs of German origin. What we may not know is that the Affenpinscher dog is one of the oldest dog breeds in the world, along with others such as the chow chow, the Pekingese or the Siberian husky.

In this ‘ Pets Feed ‘ breed sheet, you will discover the characteristics of the Affenpinscher dog, its care, its origin and much more.


Affenpinscher is one of the oldest breeds dating from the 17th century. In Germany, the place of origin, the word “affen” means mocking and “pinscher” is equivalent to terrier.

Although the Affenpinscher show all the guts of the burrow, they are too small to be working dogs and are mostly acquired as pets.

Given the age of this breed, the experts encountered various difficulties in determining the exact timing of its origin, as well as the crossings that led to its occurrence. Therefore, everything is based on conjecture, as well as some pictographic evidence. For example, it was established that the breed already existed in the 16th century as copies of Affenpinscher dogs appeared on images dating from that date.

Due to its morphological and genetic characteristics, it has been determined that it is more likely to come down from German burrows, Pinscher or miniature schnauzer, among other options.


Physical characteristics of the Affenpinscher dog

The dog Affenpinscher is a small breed, that is to say that once its development is complete, they should not weigh more than 6 kg. For this breed, the females are smaller and lighter than the males. At first glance, they tend to look a bit scruffy due to the characteristics of their fur.

The transverse height of these dogs is between 24 and 28 cm and does not exceed 30 cm. The weight is between 3 and 6 kg so it is also called Toy or dwarf breed. The round head has a broad forehead where the short, straight muzzle is represented. The ears are V-shaped with high insertion which can fall forward or stand up. The eyes are dark and crowned with fairly bushy eyebrows and the nose is black.

The Affenpinscher dog’s body is compact with a short back and a broad chest, ending in a sickle-shaped tail, the front and rear limbs being straight and muscular, thus giving them a robust appearance which ends in short round legs with short black nails. . The most visible characteristic of the Affenpinscher is its coat and it is made up of dense and hard hairs. Cover the head with bushy eyebrows, beards and even bangs. It is double layer and the inner layer is slightly softer than the outer layer. On the head, the hairs are stiff.

Regarding the color of the cape, the preferred is black. However, shades such as gray, brown, rust black, silver, black and beige (it has symmetrical spots), dark or light brown, red with orange or brown and white shades are also accepted.


Affenpinscher Character

Affenpinscher dogs receive the affectionate nickname of “black devils” because of their agitation and their very attentive and active nature. But that does not make us think at any time that it’s a difficult dog to handle, because it’s just the opposite, it’s one of the most recommended breeds for family life because they are very affectionate and love spending time with His human family.

However, they can be a little naughty, and that implies that they do destruction at home. It will therefore be important to allow them to do daily physical activity, so that they are calmer, as well as to educate them to respect the furniture and play exclusively with the toys we provide them.

Early training of the Affenpinscher puppy is the key to success.

This dog does not hesitate to prevail if it thinks someone is hurting it, because it is very brave and fierce to defend its owners against any threat, despite its small size.

This can make the dog feel somewhat suspicious of strangers, but the Affenpinscher is generally not aggressive if properly educated.



Did you know that an Affenpinscher is one of the 10 best dogs in the world?

Affenpinscher’s life expectancy is 12-14 years. Although it is worth noting that there are not very many centenarians among the representatives of this breed. Affen got good health by nature, but his condition largely depends on the owner.

It is important to carry out routine vaccination, deworming, treatment against skin parasites. It is possible to avoid or start the treatment of many diseases on time if you visit a veterinary clinic with your pet 1-2 times a year for tests and preventive examinations.

Most often, Affenpinscher dogs have the following health problems:

  • Cataract – can lead to loss of vision.
  • Hernias.
  • Diseases of the cardiovascular system.
  • Hypothyroidism is a problem of the thyroid gland.
  • Dysplasia – accompanied by severe pain. Leads to immobility if left untreated.
  • Von Willebrand-Diane disease is a blood disease that is inherited. It is accompanied by spontaneous bleeding.
  • Oligodontia is incomplete teeth.
  • Patella slip syndrome.
  • Sebaceous cysts – caused by oncogenic viruses. Viruses are transmitted by contact of healthy animals with sick animals and by insect bites.

Basic care

Affenpinscher is an indoor dog; you cannot keep it on the outside. Such a pet will feel comfortable without disturbing the owners, even in a small apartment. It must have its own corner. Equip such a place with a stove bench, containers for water and food, toys.

Affen does not need long walks with great physical exertion. You need to walk with him twice a day (morning, evening). It is recommended to do this at the same time.

Many owners train their Affenpinschers to litter box. We buy a tray before we bring the puppy to the house.

The breed loves to climb high places like cats. Such a dog can be found on a tree or on a fence. All because of innate curiosity.

If you do not monitor your pet, it can be crippled by falling from a height. Therefore, independent walks without a host are not recommended. He needs constant supervision.

Affenpinscher affen dog

To maintain beauty and health, Affenpinscher needs to carry out the following procedures:

  • We thoroughly comb the Affenpinscher dog three times a week. During the shedding period, combing is required daily.
  • In summer, a haircut is recommended. This will not only make the dog beautiful. After shearing, the animal will feel much more comfortable at high freezing temperatures.
  • Around the eyes, using a special trimmer, we cut the fur.
  • Brushing your dog’s teeth is a wonderful prevention of dental diseases. The dog should get used to this procedure from puppyhood. You need to brush your pet’s teeth 2 times every 6-7 days.
  • Wipe eyes every 7 days using cotton pads dipped in chamomile decoction. It is also important to regularly examine if you find increased tearing or excessive accumulation of secretions, it is worth showing affen to a veterinarian.
  • We cut the nails once a month.
  • We monitor the condition of the paws. It happens that cracks are found on the pads. This is a consequence of a lack of vitamins. Such wounds should be treated with cosmetic oil (almond, olive, etc.)


Since the breed is very active, it is essential to practice physical activities so that the Affenpinscher puppy or adult dog is properly stimulated and exercised. To do this, we can take the dog on the field to throw the ball and make him bring it, bring it on a circuit of agility, etc.

20 to 40 minutes a day is the recommended average.



Affenpinscher dogs are picky about food, and very gluttonous. But the dog’s food must be of high quality and balanced. The diet contains proteins, carbohydrates, fats. The number of components is selected specifically for small dogs.

You can feed your dog with both premium dry food for small breeds and regular food.

Required foods: cereals, vegetables, fruits, lean meat, eggs, offal.

Prohibited foods: potatoes, bones, fatty meats, raw pork, legumes, smoked meats, river fish species, sweets.

The source of calcium for the pet is cottage cheese and dairy products.

If you choose artificial feeding, buy premium dry food from reputable sellers to avoid fakes.

It is important to follow the nutritional standards. In no case should you overeat. Affenpinscher dogs are prone to overeating; the consequence of such overeating is obesity and related diseases.

Affenpinscher affen dog

Training and education

From the first day the Affenpinscher puppy is in the house, train him to the place, to the litter box. The pet must know its place.

After the first vaccination and quarantine, you can start socializing. During walks, the Affenpinscher gets used to extraneous sounds, ceases to be afraid of passing vehicles. It is important that the pet reacts adequately to strangers and animals.

The Affenpinscher does not require special training, but he must master the rules of conduct in the house and in public places. Also, this dog can be trained in many tricks.

By virtue of his intellect and mind, the affen quickly memorizes commands and understands what the owner requires of him. But in order to achieve the desired results quickly, during training, you need to pay attention to the following nuances:

  • Physical violence is excluded, as well as harsh shouts.
  • Use treats and praise as rewards.
  • Show calmness, persistence, friendliness, but without excessive flattery.
  • Organize varied, engaging lessons so that Affen doesn’t get bored during class.
Affenpinscher affen dog

Affenpinscher Fun Facts

  • Translated from German, Affe sounds like “monkey”.
  • Affenpinscher is very jealous; he will be jealous of his master even for children.
  • Residents of France, because of the hooligan character of Affenpinscher and the protruding moustache, call him “the moustachioed devil.”
  • Affenpinscher can easily climb over a fence or climb a tree.

Affenpinscher Dog Breed Highlights

  • Despite the compact size, the territorial instinct of Affenpinschers is developed no worse than that of guard breeds, so they always promptly inform about the arrival of both invited and uninvited guests.
  • The main phobia of Affenpinscher dogs is loneliness, so it is undesirable for busy and non-family people to have a dog.
  • Having acquired of the Affenpinscher, you will have to give up the dream of setting up a mini-zoo at home. Representatives of this family do not favor any four-legged creatures and fight them by swooping, growling and nibbling.
  • The breed is considered rare, so if you are looking for a pet with an original image with which you can stand out from the crowd of familiar dog lovers, the Affenpinscher will fulfill your cherished desire.

Affenpinscher, due to many characteristics of character and behavior, is not suitable for every family. This energetic dog needs a lot of attention. He does not like to sit still, but he cannot do excessive physical activity either. If you have small kids, this breed is not for you.

Before you go after an Affenpinscher puppy, check out the main pros and cons of the breed.

Positive points

  • The Affenpinscher is faithful, loving and intelligent.
  • It is quick to learn new things and in good hands, easy to train.
  • It is a very adaptable dog being just as happy in an apartment as in a house.
  • An Affenpinscher does not lose too much hair.
  • It requires little maintenance on the grooming front.
  • This breed does not need to do a lot of daily physical exercise.
  • It makes a wonderful companion for the elderly.
  • Affenpinscher is a good choice for first time dog owners.

Negative points

  • Affenpinscher dogs thrive on human companionship and suffer from separation anxiety if they are left to fend for themselves.
  • This breed can suffer from the “little dog” syndrome if it is too spoiled.
  • Affenpinscher dogs have a strong prey and will gladly hunt anything that tries to flee.
  • They are known to love the sound of their own voices too much.
  • These dogs are best suited for families with older children.