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After years together, they entrusted the dog to the shelter in the middle of winter

The faithful dog lived with his owners for 5 years. He showed love, improved his mood and comforted me in difficult times. When it came time for the rematch, he received the worst from them. Abandoned by his guardians, he needed help. Without the association’s workers, the poor creature might not have survived.

Pet illness often results in high costs

For most owners, learning about their pet’s illness can be devastating. Caring guardians seek help from a specialist and try to get their four-legged friend back on his feet. Often, the costs of treating a dog exceed or place a considerable strain on the household budget. But what wouldn’t you do for the most loyal member of your family?

The French pointer, a dog with a strong hunting instinct, who had accompanied the family for 5 years, suddenly fell ill. The animal was infected with leishmaniasis, a disease transmitted by parasites (sandflies) in Mediterranean countries. Instead of getting the help he needed from his guardians, he was thrown onto the streets.

An infected animal risks death

Leishmaniasis causes, among other things, skin lesions such as baldness on the dog’s nose, lack of hair around the eyes and ears and calluses around the knees and elbows. The dog’s coat becomes dull and damaged skin areas may bleed. This disease also attacks internal organs, including the liver, kidneys and bone marrow. The sick animal has no appetite, is emaciated, weak and suffers from chronic diarrhea. If not treated in time, the disease can lead to the death of the animal.

After years together entrusted dog to the shelter
Association ASELA

However, Obelix was unlucky with his owners. The caregivers who should have helped their dog recover left him at the door. Despite the wonderful years spent together and the love shown by the animal, people got rid of it as a useless object. The sick and helpless animal wandered the streets until it met ASELA employees.

Rapid treatment saved the dog’s life

A terribly emaciated dog needed urgent help. His body weight should be around 28 kg. When he arrived at the clinic, he weighed only 18 kg. However, the treatment was implemented on time. Leishmaniasis is a curable disease if detected quickly. Once Obelix recovers, he can begin looking for a new home.

He is a very endearing and affectionate dog. Perfect for a family looking for a loyal dog. He loves walks and will do well at home with children. Despite the cruelty he receives from humans, the dog shows enthusiasm for life and eagerly awaits his new owner. He deserves a home where he will be nourished and showered with affection until the end of his days.

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