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Are pit bulls dangerous if we have a child?

All about pit bulls and children

An American Pit Bull Terrier raised in a typical home environment should make an excellent companion dog because pit bulls are great with children. Purebred dog trainers say that very often the bad image pit bulls have in the press, which focuses on them being unsuitable for children, has more to do with the bad element of the pit bull owner. This in turn affects race. The media responds to serious incidents involving unscrupulous owners. But if you look back, in the 1970s, the press was calling Dobermans “bad dogs.”

In the 80s it was Rottweilers, and frankly, now the pit bull is the dog du jour. But anyone who takes the trouble to learn about the pit bullTerrier will understand that, unlike Dobermans and Rottweilers, pit bulls are known for being friendly with people.

In fact, in the 1930s, he was America’s family dog. It is important to purchase a pit bull from a responsible breeder who screens potential owners and raises pit bull puppies with other dogs and family members, including children, thereby strengthening this dog’s friendly traits.

Your pit bull puppy should be properly socialized with children from the moment he becomes a member of the family. At the same time, all children in the family should learn to respect your dog and should never tease him with dog toys or pull his ears or tail.

One of the best ways to teach children to respect their pets is to involve them in a pit bull’s daily routine. This can be done from a young age. Even at an early age, children should be shown how to prepare a pit bull dog’s bowl and ensure that there is always fresh water available. And once they are old enough, children can take on these responsibilities. The same goes for regular brushing and grooming your dog.

Proper initial puppy training, followed by more intensive obedience training, will teach your dog how to react when handled by children and how not to react aggressively to rough play that occurs in a household typical.

Since pit bulls are athletic and very robust dogs, it is not recommended to leave them unsupervised in the presence of children. These and larger dogs are not aware of their strength and it is easy for a child to tip over unintentionally during rough play. Additionally, because pit bulls are very food loving and have a strong prey drive, children should also be taught to never tease a dog with food or toys. Neighborhood children and friends who regularly visit your dog should also learn to understand and respect your dog and treat him as a fun playmate. And just like children need constant reminders, a pit bull will need the same nudges through continued training over the years.

With proper training and socialization, pit bulls have a lot to offer a family in terms of love, affection and care towards the younger members of the family. An emotionally healthy and properly trained pit bull will be an ideal partner for a child who has also been properly trained in canine behavior. Perhaps they are destined to become best friends forever.

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