A nearly blind cat lives in an apartment building and takes the elevator. This is how he tells people which floor he wants to go down to

almost blind cat building takes elevator
Twitter / manishariprasad

The adorable video has taken Twitter by storm. Ginger – a ginger cat who knows how to handle people. Although the animal has vision problems, this does not prevent him from going out for a walk. The inhabitants of his building have become accustomed to the presence of the purr and willingly begin to chat with the animal. It turns out that the cat does not have the slightest communication problem – he knows exactly how to achieve what he wants. The viral recording shows, for example, how he communicates to other passengers which floor he wants to go to in the elevator.

Ginger the cat is well known to residents of the building. He knows how to handle them

Manish Hariprasad shared with his Twitter followers a cute video of a cat that captured the hearts of people in his building. The video shows the ginger cat waiting for the elevator to descend. It turns out that the animal is known to the residents of the building, who jointly care for the cat.

“Meet Ginger,” Manish begins the tweet. “He came to our building as an old partially blind friend. He now owns the building, all the apartments and us.

almost blind cat building takes elevator
Twitter / manishariprasad

The lazy cat hates stairs. He always takes the elevator

It turns out that Ginger often takes the elevator. Unfortunately, he does not reach the button and therefore has to communicate to the other passengers where he wants to go. For those who don’t want anything difficult, the purr has developed its own mode of communication, which the residents of the building understand well.

– He hates climbing stairs, so he meows until we take him to the floor of his choice. A “meow” means 3rd floor, no “meow” means “wherever you go,” Manish explains. It’s unclear what two or three meows mean in Ginger’s language. The purring-human dictionary remains to be refined.

A short video posted by a man shows what communication with a cat looks like. The cat waiting for the elevator entered. All you had to do was ask which floor Ginger was planning on going to. A meow betrays the answer. Manish knew his companion would descend to the third floor, and he did.

almost blind cat building takes elevator
Twitter / manishariprasad

Ginger the cat rules the building. He goes where he wants

The comments below the video are full of people complimenting the tenants’ approach to purring ginger. The charming video captured the hearts of netizens.

“Thank you and the whole community for treating Ginger so well and loving her. »

Some also wondered where the hum actually went and what it was doing on the third floor. The case will likely remain a mystery.

“And where will he go later?” – asks a curious Internet user.

“Anywhere,” Manish replies.

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